6 Modern Career Choices for a Student of Journalism

Journalism has evolved the most in the past few years among all job profiles out there and now it is so much more than reporting and editing. While some still strive to become the top journalist with a famous newspaper or a renowned broadcaster, other avenues have silently gained similar popularity in today’s world. As a graduate from one of the best colleges for journalism, you must be aware of all the modern available job profiles and place your dreams in the one suited for you. In this age of growth, you have the option to leave the popular race and join another.

The following is a list of the top 6 modern careers you can build for yourself as a student of journalism. These have equal fame and opportunities just like the top conventional journalism jobs. The demand is high and skilled professionals are lacking – the perfect environment where you can create a successful career.

  1. Content Marketing

One of the major skills that you will have as a journalist is the skill to write. You can take this ability to find a job in the evolving field of content marketing around which the entire internet world revolves. The profile requires you to frame content to serve a company’s marketing needs and generate sales with it. You will be working in tandem with a digital marketing team who will set the goals and you will be responsible to produce a piece that will create brand awareness, deliver information, upsell a product, engage with customers and much more.

  1. Public Relations

PR has become a mandate in this current world of stiff competition and every brand, large or small, is investing heavily in the right service. With the ability to convey a story, you can easily work as a public relations professional after your degree. The best university for journalism in Delhi will hand you the skills to create a brand image for a specific company and the better youdo it, the higher will be your demand. Be it a product launch or an internal success, change of management or expansion plans, companies require good and solid PR at every step.

  1. Freelance journalism

You may also opt not to join a full-time job and work as a freelance journalist in any sector. You can become a photojournalist or a feature writer, work for a magazine or newspaper, write about fashion or travel or both, with freelancing, the freedom is yours. There are a lot of platforms which bring employers and freelancers together and companies look to outsource their work at competitive rates. When done right, freelance journalism can fetch you more income than the traditional full-time ones as earnings can often in foreign currency.LLDIMS

  1. Social Media Management

Your skills of copyrighting along with the ability to understand your audience will come handy in order to become a social media manager. Every firm trying to build an online reach focusses on social media as their first step and the demand for experts here is ever-rising. You may need to develop some added skill in social media advertising and marketing tools but from there on, it is pretty much similar to content writing. Your piece has to be catchy, the posts have to be viral and you must be able to capture your audience’s attention.

  1. Communication Specialist

This is a new and emerging field where companies are hiring professional writers to convey a particular message. It can be an internal memo or a press release, a client email or a public announcement, brands need their content to portray everything without any fallacy and by using the right language. Your writing skills will be tested in this job and the sensitive nature of the assignment makes the pay higher. You should possess excellent research skills, have a flair for writing in a corporate language and deliver top-notch for every project.

  1. Content Editor

Editor may sound to you as a common profile but this age of information and content has broadened the role to quite some extent. Currently, companies hire content editors whose sole task is to send out flawless content without a single bit of error. Contrary to the post of an editor in journalism whose task is also to decide what content is published when, as a content editor your role is purely editing. You may have to look through books, reports, thesis, online and offline publications and so on.

The best IP university colleges for journalism like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences based in South Delhi prepare you for all the above profiles. You will develop multi-dimensional skills to pursue any career path and easily switch among them. With your writing and communicating skill at the core, you can rise to the pinnacle in any sector and earn as much respect as any of the top journalists. The modern world is full of options and it’s up to you where you want to land.