College Library: How does the Best Look Like?

College Libraries are the learning hub of every institute and the resources available here will define your field knowledge and expertise. A major portion of your learning will revolve around research and how easily can you access the resources for it. The best college libraries bring together all the necessary facilities, give you the space to learn and create the ambiance for education. Libraries are the pride of every graduate-level college and you must consider this facility with precision before enrolling into the institute.

Here is a list of facilities that you will only find in the best libraries of the top institutes. Every parameter works in their separate ways to make the center rich. Find out if your college library boasts of these and whether you are headed for the best learning experience.

A spacious facility with well-defined sections

The best of libraries is spacious, allowing proper ventilation and enough sunlight. You can never concentrate in a claustrophobic environment and cluttered surrounding. The top B. Ed colleges in Delhi maintain ample shelf to desk distances, dedicated sections for online and offline reading, proper facilities for both single and group study and so on. The books are arranged according to their topics and the sections are well-defined. Complimenting areas will be adjacent to each other while unrelated topics will have some distance. You can judge these during your campus visit and see if the library matches your expectations.

An online database for easy access

A simple search in the database should tell you about the availability of the book you are looking for, when can you expect its return to stock and the list of similar books you can refer to for your research on the subject. The best libraries now maintain ERP based databases for their libraries to give full access to students through a common server. You can easily locate a book yourself and even check your profile for updates. Moderinising a library is a primary necessity now and the best B. Ed colleges in Delhi NCR actively invests in the technologies for it. The more digitised a library is, the better will be your convenience of studying.

Book banks and journal subscriptions

The top college libraries allow book bank facilities wherein you receive the textbooks for your curriculum without following the standard subscription method. This minimises the wastage of resources and the books can be handed down to the next batch after you are done with your semester. You also have free access to top journals and papers that otherwise come at a premium fee and you can extend your research to materials beyond books. Both of these facilities help your education where you can save the money spent on resources and use it elsewhere. Libraries should give you limitless access to all academic volumes and diversify your experience.

Newspapers, projects, brochures and novels

The libraries of the top B. Ed colleges do not restrict their resources to only books and journals. You get materials from all domains that will help to increase your knowledge and increase your expertise. The best facilities have sections for newspapers and magazines that often date back to significant periods. You will also get projects and reports put together by the alumnus to ease your research process. There will be brochures for upcoming events in your locality or in the library itself and novels/fiction to feed your reading habit. You get CDs/DVDs, downloaded documentaries, educational movies, eBook access and so on.

Lastly, all additional facilities for superior learning

An active internet connection in working PCs, wi-fi in the entire facility, air conditioning, competitive exam resources and a helpful librarian. The best libraries bring together all complimenting facilities along with the academic resources. You will also have access to previous year’s question papers of that institute, career guides for your core stream and even books from top university publications. The supply will be ample to provide you with what you want in that exact time and the substitutes available will be equally enlightening.

The Prashant Kumar Memorial Library of Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university, is one such library where your academic experience can only deepen. Spread over an area of 2000 sq. ft., the library is fully automated with a rich variety of academic materials. There’s provision for book banks, access to international journals, online resources and much more. So, select a college with such a library for your degree course and receive education in its true sense.