Lingaya s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences established the Library in the year 2005 in the memory of Renowned Journalist Prashant Kumar. Henceforth it is called Prashant Kumar Memorial Library. The motto of the Library is to turn it into a main source of knowledge, and make it an integral and important part of our institute for learning.


  • Leveraging on the latest technology, create a virtual network of people and resources in academic institutions with an aim to provide effective and efficient access to knowledge through perseverance, innovation and collaboration.
  • Provide seamless, reliable and ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the academic community in all educational institutions with a focus on services and tools, processes and practices that support its effective use and increase value of the information. .
  • Build and strengthen ICT infrastructure in educational institutions with value-added services.
  • Develop tools, techniques and procedures for secure and convenient access management enabling users to access information in electronic format from anywhere, anytime
  • Develop resource selection guides and online tutorials for effective delivery and usage of e-resources.
  • Facilitate creation of open access digital repositories in the institutions for hosting educational and research contents.


  • Achieve complete automation of libraries in the institutions.
  • Create union catalogues of documents available in libraries in online and real-time environment.
  • Provide seamless and ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the users.
  • Promote digitization of legacy documents and creation of content in e-format (including electronic version of research articles etc.) in the institutions.
  • Promote setting-up of open access digital repositories in universities for hosting content created in the process mentioned above.
  • Develop digital expertise in house
  • Digital content creation, process of digitization and managing digital depositories.