Library Rules

  • Library users shall maintain silence in the library.
  • Reading materials should not be reshelf by the user because of misplacement.
  • Personal belonging shall not be allowed inside the library. It shall be left at the property counter.
  • Use of mobile phone, smoking, chewing, eating, photography etc. are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Library should be kept neat and clean.
  • Membership of a user can be suspended on account of misbehavior with the library staff.
  • No dues certificate will be issued to a member on returning all the borrowers tickets and library books.

  • Policies and Guideline

  • The overall functioning of the library shall be supervised by the library committee consisting of one faculty member and one student from each discipline nominated by the Academic Head/Director and the Librarian. Academic Head/Director at his discretion may nominate other members in the committee.
  • The library committee shall recommend new additions to Library which would be purchased after application to the Chairman
  • The books can be recalled by the librarian before the due date, in special circumstances.

  • Loss of Library Card

  • Loss of borrowers tickets should be immediately reported to the librarian and duplicate ticket at the cost of Rs. 100/- should be issued. But the responsibility of books borrowed on the original tickets will remain with the bonafide owner of the tickets for the full period of validity of the tickets.
  • Borrowers ticket shall be valid for the period mentioned on the tickets or up to end of the academic session whichever is earlier.
  • Borrower will be held responsible for the misuse of their borrowers ticket and for the books issued for them Disciplinary action will be taken for any misuse of borrowers tickets.

  • Borrowing Rule

  • All the students shall receive two borrower tickets cum I Card, to borrow books from the general text books section of the library. The tickets are not transferable. The number of books to be issued to the faculty and staff are as follows Faculty: 5 borrower tickets cum I Card.
  • Reference books, out of print books and current periodicals will not be loaned. Library staff will provide referencing services, catalogues and referencing index.

  • Overdue Fine

    Text books will be issued for two weeks. After that an overdue fine @ Rs. 5 per day per volume will be charged after one week charge will be Rs. 10/- per day.

    Loss/Spoiling of Books

  • If any book is lost by a borrower, he will either replace with the latest edition of that book or pay the price assessed by the library. If the book is spoiled, he will replace the book / pay the assessed cost of the book.
  • Borrowers should inspect the books carefully before getting them issued. Defect if any, should be brought to the notice of the librarian at the counter at the time of issuing. If a defect by way of damage etc. is discovered later the borrower will be responsible and shall be liable to make payment.
  • No person is allowed to write down or damage or make any mark on any book or reading material or tamper with any book or material belonging to library.

  • Library Hours

  • The Library remains open for seven hours including lunch time on all working days. During the vacations the library remains open for five hours. The issue counter opens after one hour of the first period and closes half an hour before last lecture. The library remains closed on Sunday and other public holidays

  • Library Membership

  • Library membership is open for bonafide students/teachers and staff. However others may be allowed to use the library with prior permission of the academic head/Director. The book will be issued from the counter where the member produces his/her tickets and his/her identity card.