4 Futuristic Skills You Need as a B. Com Graduate

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Speculations about intelligent computers with artificial intelligence replacing humans in the workplace are already doing rounds and recent reports already show that machines will complete 58% of the total work by 2022, up from a mere 29% from 2018. Almost all industries will see high a high level of automation and the only way to protect your jobs is by either acquiring new skills or upgrading them. The silver lining for B. Com graduates is that the same report on automation also predicts that by 2026, jobs like auditors, accountants, and analysts will see a stark rise, but employers here will expect their candidates to possess futuristic skills that will enable the company to move ahead efficiently in the digital world.

Here is the list of the top 5 futuristic skills you need to have in order to thrive 5 years down the lane. You will want to stay on the upward curve of things and only the right skills combined with your core knowledge can make that possible. Use the resources of the top B. Com colleges, plan your way, and get practicing.

  1. Critical thinking

Today, computers can easily make menial decisions. Algorithms can take historical facts into account, collect current market data, and present a solution based on millions of bytes of information. But where the machines fail is to add the element of critical thinking. And that is what the top companies of the corporate sector will hire you for. As an accountant, your job will be to critically analyze the business’s goals, pitch it against the computer’s data, and figure out how much investment is worth it in which arena. The ultimate decision-maker has to be a human and that is where your critical thinking ability will always be crucial.

  1. Adaptability

Another soft skill that top businesses value is your ability to quickly adapt to a situation and fit into the changing circumstance. Your work of reskilling or upskilling cannot stop once you get a job. Employers now seek candidates who acknowledge that whatever skills they possess today are bound to change in a matter of a few years and they prefer B. Com graduates who do their jobs with a growth mindset. If you are an auditor, you must be capable of helping with a marketing decision. As an analyst, your investment skills will be appreciated at times. The best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR makes you an all-rounder, as expected by workplaces.

  1. Technical skills

Up until a mere decade ago, B. Com graduates could still find their way to success without any technical or computer skills whatsoever. But now, the present crop no longer has that luxury. Despite your proficiency in the core subjects of commerce, you will always remain in the backfoot if you lack knowledge in the upcoming technology trends. In banking, blockchain is likely to take over. Machine Learning will find its way into audits and analyst jobs. Data Science, AI, and other such technologies will invade into the commerce and finance sector and you will need to possess at least a basic understanding. Whether through your college or by an online course, pick the skill you will require and master it to an intermediate level.

  1. Emotional and cultural intelligence

After passing out from one of the top B. Com colleges in Delhi, you cannot expect to be working in a localized brand. You will obviously become a part of a large multinational brand or a startup with grand visions. Here, you will have to work in teams, often consisting of people coming from diverse backgrounds, and your comfort zone will be challenged so often that you will need emotional and cultural intelligence as a skill. As evident, companies already look for candidates who are culturally aware and possess high standards of self-conduct. With their goals and ambitions set high, they expect their employees to work together effectively and efficiently.

Your subject knowledge of B. Com will form your base. But your fringe and soft skills are what that will make you shine. Good colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to the IP University and based in South Delhi, take a futuristic approach to inculcate such skills in you so that you stay unaffected by the technical shift of the job world. The skills you pick up in such colleges will act as your shield and enable you to find success throughout. Pinpoint your shortcomings while in college and close the loopholes. Once inside a job, you will need every ability that you learn to survive the arriving future.



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