4 Unrelated Sectors You Can Work in as a B. Com Graduate

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We are currently living in an economy that is globally thriving. And throughout history, good times are always known to bring newer opportunities. The traditional sectors that have trickled down the generations are definitely there, but the scope is always exciting in the unchartered territories that are yet to be discovered. As a B. Com graduate from one of the top B. Com colleges in Delhi, you will have the skill-ammunitions to venture out into unrelated sectors, find jobs where there is high demand or prepare for roles that do not even exist today.

This post lists4 such sectors that you can consider after your graduation as the industries are fairly new and gaining popularity rapidly. A time will definitely come in the recent future when these will reach its peak, just like the computer era, and allow you to grow without limit. So, if you are the adventurous kind who does not mind a bit of hard work initially, one of the following job profiles are definitely worth trying.

  1. Digital marketing and advertising

Every brand out there has already recognised that most of their customers are on the internet and they are readily diverting all their resources into digital marketing. The demand in this sector has exponentially risen in the past few years and experts predict that the best is yet to come. You will have the marketing and sales skills as a B. Com graduate. A few months in any niche company is enough to provide you with the necessary trade-related knowledge. Keep an eye out for where the trends are shifting to and join that profile that is soon to explode. Faster internet is on its way and that will surely bring more demands.

  1. Production

You may either choose to pursue a specific course after your B. Com or join a production house directly and start basic. Video content is the future and production is going to see a huge rise, especially in the digital domain. New shows are being created at a rapid rate and people are engaging with them across various platforms. Find out what the country’s OTT brands are looking for and place your CV there. You can become a crew member, work behind the camera or even intern as a scriptwriter. This may seem like a total shift from your core degree, but the industry will reach its peak in the next 5 years and you will want to be there.

  1. Hospitality

Event management, travel planners, cruise ship leaders,and front office executives, all of these profiles come under the broader field of hospitality that does not differentiate based on graduation degree while absorbing candidates. After passing out from the best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR, you can easily land a job in the hospitality sector as current trends only show a bright future of such jobs. Airfares are low, people are travelling more, and luxury and destination events are totally different sectors. With the right companies, you can actually relocate to any country, draw any amount of salary and have a profile of your liking.

  1. Investment consultant

This area is not that much detached from your B. Com degree. The top B. Com colleges will give you all the financial knowledge you will ever require and all you have to do is to extend your services to the willing customers. People of the current generation are more aware of the benefits of investing but lack the time to channel their money correctly. As an investment consultant, you can do their research for them, become their diverse broker and help them with their budgeting. You are sure to have a steady flow of customers as investment firms are aggressively advertising the need to invest. You will serve as the vital connection between people who have money and the brokers who need them.

Exploring something new is never easy but the experience can truly be enlightening. As the traditional job profiles continue to see competition, you can bypass them all with these other alternative routes. B. Com degree courses in institutes like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to the IP university and based in South Delhi, make you fit for all unrelated sectors with their skill-oriented teaching approach and abundance of exposure. You get to know about the new opportunities, cultivate them while still in college and learn subjects on those lines.

So, broaden your horizons by studying in the best college for B. Com. Keep trying new things throughout your career. Do what interests and excites you as your degree will always be there to give you the necessary backing



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