5 Modern Teaching Skills You Must Pick Up during B. Ed

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Modern schools will always want to recruit modern teachers. And modern teachers are made by learning modern teaching skills. With that established, you must have noticed by now, as a B. Ed student, that your curriculum encompasses a lot of subjects that cover a diverse set of topics which gives you an insight into a variety of teaching-related avenues. Even a few decades back, teaching was considered a straight-forward profession. But the changing times has revolutionised the demands that schools have from their teachers and thus every subject you learn, every skill you pick up, plays a vital role in shaping your career.

Thus, to earn the tag of a modern teacher, you must work on the following 5 modern skills while pursuing your B. Ed as both your recruiting school and your future students will look for these in you. It goes without saying that the top B. Ed colleges in Delhi will aid your skill-building endeavour and provide you with the right resources. Make use of them and become the star teacher of the future.

  1. Interdisciplinary approach

Those times have gone when the history teacher was only required to focus on history while the science teacher taught only science. The modern era is the phase of interdisciplinary approach and you must pick the skills to connect your core subject with the other associated ones. Thus, being a history teacher, you may often have to bring in scientific examples that the students read in their science period. Even if you do not pick up mastery in science, basic knowledge is crucial. So, read up on your core matter but do not lose connection with other subjects. You will need to refer to these while teaching in a class.

  1. Technology

Expect your students to be more tech-savvy than you are at any given point of time. And you need to keep up with them to communicate and teach effectively. The basic modern tech skills that all teachers must possess is to use the smartboard, video clips in presentations, use online planners and chat platforms and a few easy sharing applications. The best B. Ed colleges in Delhi NCR will invest a solid amount of time of your curriculum in building your technical skills and modern-day schools claim their campus to be smart and you need to have the skills to fit in.

  1. Psychology

Personalised learning is also gaining popularity among schools where lessons are being curated depending on the students’ needs. Here, your psychological skills come into action where you need to read a child’s mind, understand his/her problems without proper communication and try to help the student in a way that will suit him/her. Modern-day teachers cannot act aloof. You cannot stay oblivious to the requirements of your class. You will be incharge of a small classroom and you will be expected to know the psychological profiles of the students. So, pay attention to your child psychology class.

  1. Communication

Communication does seem like an obvious skill that all teachers tend to have but in reality, your communication skills as a modern-day teacher cover a lot of aspects rather than the simple interaction with students. As a teacher in a good school, you will also be required to talk to the parents on a regular basis. You will also need to interact with the management to design curriculum, participate in training programs, and also engage in social events conducted by the school. All these will require you to possess supreme communication skills which will act as an agent of your career growth.

  1. Innovation

You have to bring your creative side to the job. You need to be innovative in your teaching technique, setting assignments, or preparing questions for exams. The top B. Ed colleges will give you enough scope to expand the dimensions of your creativity and innovation and infuse them into your profession. During your mock teaching or internships, explore your options and skills with the faculty and pick up tactics that will set you apart from other teachers in the future. Modern schools prefer teachers who bring something new to the table. With a sharp innovation skill, you may just fit into that requirement.

Colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to the IP University, help you to work on such modern skills during your B. Ed course. The institution prepares you for the upcoming era where the recruiting schools will look for unique teachers. Utilise the time you get in college productively. Your skills are what that will help you sail.




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