5 Things Your College Must Provide for You

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The best college is not only defined by their course structure or their faculty strength. Although they undeniably form the integral parts of your college education, it is the auxiliary facilities that take your experience to the next level. When combined with the core necessities, the auxiliaries act as a catalyst to your education, help you to gain substantial ground towards your career and enable you to stand out. Thus, with the degree and the teachers for it, your college must also provide you with the following 5 things to help escalate your knowledge and drive you down the path to success.

  1. An extensive and rich library

The best colleges for journalism or any degree, as a matter of fact, will build the entire institution around the library. When you have access to an enriching library, your world of educational exploration will never know any bounds. You can read outside your curriculum, feed your curiosity, all of which will only foster your hunger for more knowledge and create a scholar out of you. Whether it is for an assignment or self-study, the more time you spent in a college’s library, the better will be your degree’s outcome. So, an extensive and rich library must be the first thing you must check for while selecting a college and taking admission into it.

  1. An active training and placement cell

The ultimate destination to any degree is placement and along with it, the training necessary to get placed. Thus, an active T&P cell comes next in the list. In today’s world of stiff competition, a college’s responsibility cannot merely be restricted to imparting education. The institution should invite companies to their premises, provide you with some opportunities to have a crack at the job world while still in college and gain some advantage. Having this sort of security creates a separate drive within you to pursue your degree. When you know that job openings are waiting, you will naturally work harder and better. This is the catalyst to your education.

  1. Workshops and events

These work to improve the quality of your degree and your personal skills. College workshops conducted by guest lecturers can give you insights into new areas of research or profession. You can gain working knowledge about the modern corporate arena and prepare yourself accordingly in another personality development event. The best university for journalism in Delhi will thus organise a host of workshops and educational events that will surely complement your degree and enrich your knowledge base going forward. Even the certifications that you may get from the workshops will work act as shining stars in your future CV that will further your candidature in a niche and improve your job chances.

  1. Cultural programs

Every educational institution must have adequate space for creativity. Indulging in fine arts have their own proven benefits in academics. Hence, the best college will conduct an annual cultural event giving students the freedom to explore their creative side and also have facilities on-premise to indulge in a variety of activities. With these included in your portfolio, the entire picture of personality becomes dynamic in nature. It portrays that you are a multi-tasker who always seeks to venture out into new routes and excel in whatever you touch. The scope to explore while still in college is important, things that are non-academic but work in some way to boost education.

  1. Educational trips

Nowhere is it a rule that education can only happen in classrooms. Nowhere is it a norm that a degree can only be completed through teacher-student interactions. At times, the best IP university colleges for journalism will take your lessons out of the campus and teach you in a totally new environment with a totally different mode of instruction. Educational trips are generally focused on your degree. They are designed to give you exposure and a grip on the real world. Those colleges which periodically take their students to book fares or trade events help them to get a feel of the corporate environment and understand what exactly is the need. Here, you can become moreaware and pursue your degree accordingly.

Colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university, bring together all these necessary aspects into a single campus. At LLDIMS, you will never feel starved of any facility that is known to work with your degree together and help with your future career. Be aware and choose right. Enroll in a college with all the right facilities. The world out there demands only the best from you and you should never settle for anything else while pursuing your degree.



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