5 Upcoming Trends in Journalism and Media Industry

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Having an insight into the future will dictate your current actions. You can no more build a skill just because it is popular. Your career in journalism will truly take off at least 5 years later from the time you start college and you should possess a good vision of what all are about to come. The professional expertise that works now may soon die out and the unthinkable may then come into demand. Thus, you must be privy about the trends that the journalism and media industry is about to see, merely to prepare right now and be ready for the waves to hit.

Here are the top 5 listed for you here.

  1. The revenue system of the whole sector will change

It is important that you understand the revenue model of your field is a student of journalism. When print media used to rule the world, journalists and editors were instructed by their housing brands to find and develop content often to bring in new advertisers. But with the advent of digital technology, the whole revenue model is all set to become subscription-based. This means that you will be next required to focus your content on the readers, keep it targeted to their needs and write what the mass demands, not the advertisers.

  1. There is going to be a tussle between short and slow news

The best colleges for journalism will make you an expert in both but you must make the choice based on your strengths. Short and quick news is doing the rounds now but a considerable population is slowly shifting to the arena where slow and detailed news is being fed. If research is your forte, if you have the patience to grill on a particular topic, only then go for this upcoming area of modern journalism. Otherwise, be at peace with summarising the information for your readers. That is also not going away anytime soon. The choice is yours.

  1. Social media may lose some of its current value

Too many restrictions have killed journalism on social platforms. This trend is likely to continue as the international governments are coming down hard on the digital media brands and they are being forced to update their content policy every day. Now is a good time to shift your focus from social media and pay attention to the traditional form of journalism. Instead of going viral, in-depth and solid pieces will rise above. Use your time tactfully in the best university for journalism in Delhi to build a basic knowledge of social media journalism, but also focus on the other areas.

  1. Artificial intelligence will be here

By the time you become a permanent executive in any of the top media houses, expect artificial intelligence to set its grip in the journalism industry. Now, you cannot stop machines from taking over the available jobs but you can definitely beat them where they cannot compete. Work on your creativity always brings something new to the table. Develop the intuition of understanding your audience’s psychology and learn to interpret data that the computers give you. All these are ways to make artificial intelligence your friend in the journalism industry and making yourself an asset in any company.

  1. Podcasts will boom and change the way of absorbing the news

Podcasts are the perfect mix of the audience’s demand for “knowledge on the go” and “in-depth news”. The current curve of popularity is gradually rising upwards and industry experts believe that soon the rate will become exponential. Hence, it is crucial that you also work upon your verbal communication along with your writing skills and focus on being expressive over a microphone. Soon, the existing journalism houses will open their podcast wing or dedicated brands will come up to serve the current demand. You will want to be there, with your skills, reaping the benefits of a raw market.

In short, the old models that seemed to have faded away in between are coming back. You can imagine in-depth content that used to go up in magazines and relate podcasts with news anchoring. The top IP university colleges for journalism like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences based in South Delhi can truly create the required blend of the deep-rooted skills and modern demands in your curriculum. Here, your lessons will be on lines of the upcoming trends giving you the abilities to thrive as a journalist in the future and choosing an informed path where the demand will never sink. So, get your start in the right college, prepare yourself for the changing needs and be dynamic about the profession.



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