6 Effective Ways to Demonstrate Your Value to Employers

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The corporate world is gradually shifting from the norm of expertise-based recruitment to skill-based recruitment where what the candidate can bring to the table in the future matters more over what is available now. The increased automation has naturally taken up the redundant work like data analytics or customer interaction and executives are currently required for their innovative and creative skills. Today, companies are looking for team members rather than employees who can ultimately become valuable assets to the enterprises. You, thus, need to show your value to the potential recruiters to get hired in a top firm. And here are 6 effective ways in which you can do that.

  1. Substitute the clichés with examples

No longer can you claim that you are a “hard-working” professional with “excellent communication skills”. Using such clichés in your CV or the cover letter will place you in the crowd. To stand out, you need to state examples as to how you are hard-working or possess impressive communication skills. What did you do that proves that you have the qualities? The best colleges for BBA will give you enough opportunities. Participate and create examples for the interview table.

  1. Show application of your knowledge

Your recruiters will know that you must have learned Change Management as part of your BBA curriculum. But what they will want to see is whether you could apply the knowledge in your real life. State an instance when an external factor derailed you from your normal life and show how to changed yourself to fit into the new norm. Employers today value degrees by the amount of applicative knowledge you have developed. Otherwise, the degree is treated like a mere piece of paper.

  1. Be ready to sell the pen

The classic interview question of “sell me this pen” was directed to test a candidate’s creativity and innovation rather than sales skills. When tasked with a difficult job, how can you creatively find your way out that others can rarely mimic? Think of creative answers to routine interview questions. Again, take examples of instances where you showed your creativity to solve a problem. If you can engage your interviewers in an enlightening conversation, you do not have to work hard to show your value.

  1. State figures and statistics

You will notice that the best BBA colleges in Delhi almost always bring out figures and statistics to make a convincing case. Pick up this habit and infuse it into your negotiations to win the table. For instance, if you had helped improve a team’s productivity, prove it to your employers by stating the time the team was taking to complete the task before your involvement and by how much did your contribution help the cause. The unit can be percentage, money, hours and so on.

  1. Prepare the why-s

Why did you pursue a particular certification course along with your BBA course? Why did you pay this much attention to music? Why did you choose BBA in the first place? Make sure to have answers to these why-s that point in a particular direction. The employer must never feel that you took the coding class just because your peers felt that it was important. You surely have a 5-year plan in mind. Design your CV in that path and be ready to answer the why-s in a way that the recruiters can visualise your vision.

  1. Focus on emotional intelligence

The best BBA colleges in India have started focusing heavily on EQ as emotional intelligence is currently considered the foundation of employee value. Consider the instances of managing yourself during a highly anxious deadline or a stressful client demand. How you control your emotions and get the job done determines the value you will ultimately have in the company. Take those EQ sessions in your college. Learn ways to tackle situations. Even if you are nervous in the interview hall, you need the skill to turn that nervousness to your advantage.

As evident, all the above ways are somewhat unconventional. No longer do those archaic methods work where carry a fat bundle of certificates and degrees to prove that you are the most eligible candidate. Now you will have to prove your value. You will have to fit into the company’s long-term demands. And you can only place yourself in that position if you are given the right opportunities. The Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP University, is where you can create your value and craft your skills. You not only get a degree in LLDIMS but undergo a strategic training program that makes you employable. LLDIMS aids in developing your value and places you right at the top of the entire crowd.



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