6 Habits that Can Hurt your Teaching Career (And How to Avoid Them)

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We all know that the role of a teacher is crucial in a student’s life. It will help to shape their behavior, skills, and habits for the future. Since a teacher is such an important entity in a student’s life, they must always try to make a positive impression upon them. Teaching is such a profession where you can’t succeed without dedication and patience. Dealing with students and addressing their problems and curiosities is not an easy task at all. Moreover, no teacher wants to have a negative impact on the students.

Here are the 6 things that you can avoid to prevent your teaching career from getting harmed:

  1. Get impatient

As it has been mentioned before, patience is one of the two most important virtues of a teacher. In this profession, one has to overcome a lot to emerge as successful. If they don’t have patience, they’re likely to react rashly like yelling on the students or not listening to their problems. A teacher who is patient is also kind, gentle and is successful in gaining the confidence of the students at all times. Behaving roughly or getting rude with the students will only be suggestive of the fact that one is not competent enough to be in that profession.

  1. Being inconsistent

Being a teacher has a lot to do with preaching the values that enhance your quality of life. If you are not able to show your practice of honesty, discipline, punctuality and consistency in real life, it will certainly not have a healthy impact on students. As a teacher, you need to make your presence prominent and that will only happen with consistency or regularity. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you establish a negative reputation among the students and the faculty members. That is why teachers from the best journalism college in delhi are never inconsistent to make the best impression on the students.

  1. Not having an open mind

One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is to communicate or converse with your students efficiently in order to deal with their queries. While having an open mind is relevant for doubts and debates, it also calls for having a more accepting attitude towards their ideas. Rigidity has its own benefits for a teacher, but being stringent under all circumstances can be a major hurdle on the road to becoming a good teacher.

  1. Not being observant

It cannot be stressed enough that the responsibilities of a teacher are innumerable. From creating a hospitable environment where students can feel safe and understood to address their doubts of syllabus or out of syllabus, they are vested with the most crucial task- shaping the future of the youth. That is why the duties of a teacher cannot be fulfilled completely if they are not observant enough. By that, it is not meant to conduct unhealthy surveillance all the times but to keep a keen eye on everyone to understand their behavioural pattern, attitude towards certain situations and capabilities. An observant teacher is a successful teacher. It will help you connect with the students on a personal level.

  1. Being intolerant towards criticism

In every profession, there’s always room for growing and learning more. How does that happen? By giving space to alternate narratives and accepting criticisms in a positive manner. An incompetent teacher is always too proud to discard healthy criticism for the greater good. While on this subject, it must be mentioned that criticism can come from students, other teachers and parents. If you have a more accepting approach, it will be only helping you to move forward in the teaching career.

  1. Playing favourites

This is an absolute no-no.  As a teacher, biasness is something that you’d always want to avoid. Even if there are students who ace all the examinations and act as the ideal examples in the class, teachers cannot provide special treatments because it certainly projects a negative idea on the minds of other students. This can highly jeopardize your teaching career if it comes to the notice of other teachers or parents. Needless to say, it does not show much professionalism either- a trait that is to be maintained under all circumstances.

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