7Quick Tips for Landing a Social Media Internship Right After Graduation

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You have to start with an internship in any sector with high competition. As the total number of social media users continues to grow, companies are now shifting their marketing focus on to the digital medium. More and more brands are building an in-house team and digital marketing startups are growing in number. While the demand is high, so are the number of professionals available and you will have to work your way through even while landing an internship. The top mass media courses after 12th will give you the necessary head start but you will have to put in that extra effort to land an offer.

Here is a list of 7 quick tips that will help you to get into one of the top internship opportunities. The methods are simple, yet most professionals tend to overlook them while applying. Take note to not get mixed in the crowd and stand out when the time comes. Let’s get started.

  1. Fill out everything in every social media

It is obvious that you will have your personal social media handles if you are applying for such a post and be sure that the companies will check them out. A fancy name with a great picture is never enough. Tap into all the resources that each media provides and make sure to fill up every blank space available. Take time to frame your LinkedIn summary, Instagram and Twitter bio and your Facebook interests. This way, the company sees that you are comfortable using the platforms and know it from the very basic.

  1. Follow influential people from your field

Randomly following people to grow your follow list will not help your cause. The company you apply to is looking to hire a professional who can grow their business. They know the value of likes and follows and they will look into your profile to see if you know the same or not. Be true to your profession and follow only those handles that interest you or help you grow. Engage in professional conversations and like meaningful posts.

  1. Post engaging content and keep your profiles active

The top mass communication courses after 12th will give you the necessary content skills. Use it to keep your personal profiles active. No two media have the same requirement so doctor your posts to fit the social platform. Tag people on Twitter and use hashtags on Instagram. This will come in handy while applying for an internship as you can use your posts as a portfolio. Show the employer that you already know what works where and establish your worth.

  1. Give the company a reason to hire you

Answer the question, “why should we hire you?” before you reach the interview hall. Dig into the company profiles and show them what you can bring to the table. Try to solve a problem that the firm may be facing or suggest better ways to market their product than the one they are already following. It will be a huge boost if you can research their competition and come up with a plan that will the company overtake them. If you do this hard work, your selection is confirmed.

  1. Network over social media

Reach out to the company employees and connect over social media. Follow them, interact and share meaning content. This way, you show your value without directly showing your motive and it might so happen that they approach you with a job offer. You can start by commenting on and liking their posts and then take it to direct message. Avoid asking for an internship at the first instant. Give it time to build up the network and the opportunity will definitely come.

  1. Go beyond posts, likes and comments

A business profile is very different than a personal profile. Every social media offers business tools to companies to make their reach better and analyse their traffic. It will help if you can learn about these tools along with your content skills and show them in your CV. The top mass communication colleges in India after 12th like LLDIMS, a renowned IP University college in South Delhi will have them in their curriculum and a basic knowledge will give you an upper hand. You will have an extra skill that most of the candidates will not.

  1. Never forget to follow on

Be it after the interview or five days after sending the application, you must take the time to follow on. This will so your interest in the internship and the recruiter may just give you the position. Drop in an email or give a call. Know about the status or take feedback. Improve your methods and apply again at another firm. Continue applying until you land one.

The competition may be stiff but if you build your skills in the right way, landing a social media internship isn’t that difficult. Choose the right college, get the perfect degree and land a job in the future of marketing.



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