A Bachelor of Education can open many alternate career paths

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) since ages has been linked to a career in teaching. However, even though teaching is considering a very rewarding career, it’s not for everyone. A Bachelor of Education can equip students with a number of skills, which can lead to attractive career options apart from teaching. The degree offers an understanding of student learning, presentation skills, communication skills, as well as trains you to remain calm even in difficult situations. In the past few years, massive doors have opened for those pursuing Bachelor of Education. Some of the jobs available are listed below:

  • Education Administrator: Time to move out of the classroom and mark a space at the front office. Education Administrator is a profile which is concerned with working commendably in synchronization with teachers as well as the school The key responsibilities involve reviewing curriculum, critical decision making regarding policies, management of budgets, and so on.
  • Corporate Learning and Development: In the recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for the corporate trainers within the educational With the growing focus towards better placement to be acquired by students, institutions are hiring corporate trainers who keenly focus on training. They work as a trainer who primarily stresses on skills development, CV building tasks, industry-specific training, communication, and personality development. This profile is enticing youth due to it being unusual in nature.
  • Counsellor: With a significant shift in the lifestyle and education patterns in Indian education system, schools have started focusing immensely on the psychological factors of their students. This has lead to a number of institutions hiring a counselor for students, who can guide them and give advice whenever needed. The counselor is an excellent profile for those who wish to support students by going to a bit personal level. Counselling not only boosts the moral but also motivates students to achieve their academic goals.
  • Writer: Yes – A writer. Bachelor of Education not only trains a candidate to become a successful teacher but also embeds a skill set which leads them to do their jobs better. Teachers attain some extraordinary writing skills which could prove beneficial when seeking opportunities in the area of writing. A career in writing provides the candidates an exposure to showcase their creativity. Many organizations are actively hiring writers for their websites and publications.
  • Entrepreneur: Though this is related to teaching, but, after doing Bachelor of Education, you could set up your venture where studies through creative mannerism could be followed. Since few years, there has been a shift towards more of online education for coaching or tutoring. Establishing tutorials is another way which could be a fantastic source of knowledge. Uploading tutorials over YouTube could result in tremendous earnings if done smartly.
  • Sales: Though it sounds a bit eccentric as how can an education degree help you get a job in sales, it is possible. The similarity comes as the method through which both education, as well as sales, is Teaching defines the ability of how efficiently knowledge is delivered, and how quickly students are able to attain it. Sales work precisely the same. All you need to do is impress the client with knowledge of a particular product and explain its benefits, which would translate to sales. Thus, Education degree holders have a great gateway towards a career in sales where their knowledge and skills could prove to be an asset to the organization.

Though for a number of years it was believed that the teaching job is one of the most rewarding careers, however, with the changing times, there has been a shift towards the above-justified career alternatives.

Nowadays, students have become immensely cautious about their career choice. The augmented awareness amongst the youth is encouraging them for finding alternative career paths.

Students actively aim to acquire the position in top 20 B.Ed. colleges in Delhi due to the advanced education structure followed within the metro. But what confines them sometimes is the race for the limited number of seats. The competition among the top B.Ed. colleges has risen over the past few years, with the industry opening doorways to vast career options.

LLDIMS is one of the best institutes where a keen focus is being implemented upon quality education. The course aims to provide creative yet committed educators who not only serve the economy but globally gets acknowledged for their performance. With preparing an excellent future for adequate education, LLDIMS is one of the top B.Ed. colleges in Delhi NCR for students to attain a secured future.

A Bachelor in Education can open a number of career paths for students. From working in a school or educational institute to a counsellor, education administrator, or corporate trainer there are a number of opportunities available to students. To succeed it is important that you choose a career that you have an interest in and the necessary skills!



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