Advanced Language courses for Career development

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In the current competitive job scenario, it is important to have some extra skills which set you apart from your peers. Extremely talented and experienced professionals are also struggling to survive in this competitive market. Nowadays, recruiters are focusing on hiring employees who possess some extra skills, like understanding of a second language.

With the organisations marking their presence overseas and expanding their operations globally, their hunt for candidates has changed significantly. A second language has become an essential skill for students. Below mentioned are benefits that a second language can bring to your career:

  • Exposure to Job Opportunities: Achieving fluency in two significant languages enables a candidate to explore extensive job opportunities in different sectors. The requirement for such professionals has witnessed an increase due to the expansion of businesses overseas. A candidate enjoys the opportunity to explore different careers in departments like marketing, translation, media and communication, tourism, and so on.
  • Enhanced professional networking: Nowadays, students target to secure a position in top multi-nationals. Those possessing advanced language skills have a considerable advantage in developing a professional social network. They can connect with peers and leaders in global organisations, which can prove beneficial for their career in the long run.

  • Better Relationship Management: When working in coordination with international delegates, it is natural to experience a communication gap or sometimes, misunderstandings. When an employee has undergone an advanced language learning course, he will never find it hard to engage in a conversation with the foreign partners. Also, familiarity and fluency in their language will prove beneficial in both personal career development as well as the organisation’s growth.
  • Added Value on Resume: Possessing proficiency in a second language comes out as a great advantage for aspirants. During the interview process, while competing with the candidates holding same qualifications, knowledge of a second language can separate you from the crowd and provide an added advantage in the eyes of the recruiters. Also, another aspect which cannot be ignored is that the candidates with advanced language proficiency can grab higher salaries by 10-15 percent, than other aspirants.

  • Enhanced Thought Process: One of the most significant benefits of learning a second language is that it lays a positive impact on the first language. This process, in turn, initiates better thinking ability followed with motivating a candidate to become an all-rounder. Also, a candidate starts expressing their ideas to the team effectively. Being bilingual makes you smarter, and enhances your ability to negotiate as well as improves problem solving skills.

Apart from these, there are numerous other benefits that a candidate can enjoy by learning a second language in the competitive job market.

Choosing a Language:

Gone are the days where French dominated the international job market. With the recent economic transformations, there are three languages that made their relevance strong globally. Those are – Mandarin – Chinese, German and Spanish. Out of the three mentioned languages, Spanish is most preferred for those pursuing their career in the area of Sales, Marketing and International Business.

There has been a sudden growth in the demand for advanced language courses. The aspirants are considerably becoming aware of the need for a proficiency in a second language. Students, across the country, are working on improving their communication skills. A number of institutions are now providing professional training for increasing proficiency in popular languages, like Spanish.

Spanish has become one of the most demanded languages, and aspirants now look for admission in the best institute for Spanish.

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Sciences (LLDIMS), a premier IP University Institute, located in South Delhi offers a professional Spanish Course for aspirants. The course is delivered by industry experts and is followed with practical training to increase proficiency for the language. LLDIMS offers the best Spanish course in IP University which makes it the preferred institute among students in Delhi NCR. Thus, for those seeking the best institute for Spanish in Delhi, LLDIMS is the ultimate destination to their dream of learning the language.

No matter, how effectively one attains the proficiency in a language, it requires an effort to maintain fluency and showcase improvement. Thus, it is suggested to keep practising the language right after the end of the course. Apart from increasing you CV value and career growth, knowledge of a foreign language is said to improve the functionality of your brain by challenging it to understand, identify, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems. Students, who study a second foreign language, tend to score higher marks in tests than peers. Bilinguals are usually more confident with their choices and perform better in situations which require multi-tasking. As our world is becoming more connected due to technological advancements, it’s becoming increasingly clear that learning a new language is beneficial for students!



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