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Are You Truly Independent?

Indians wear their love for their country on their sleeves and celebrate the day.

We are already an Independent country then why I am asking “Are you truly independent? ” 🤔

Tell me when you hear, read, or think of the word “independence,” what is the first thing that springs to mind?

Just pause for a moment and consider it.

For some, it may be a sense of independence as a ‘day to remember our great national leaders’ for others a ‘national holiday’. Yes, all of the above is true.

 But there is something more important to consider and assess, there will be no change no matter how many folk performances, flag hoisting activities, or one-day celebrations there are.

But wait what kind of change I am discussing?

Our country gained independence 74 years ago, but do you believe you are truly free today?

Are you independent as an individual?

We claim to be independent as an Individual, but we don’t have the right to choose career, love or dress. (List is too long, Trust me)

Did our fighters risk their lives fighting for India’s independence just to see it enslaved by “4 log kya sochenge. What the hell other people perceive about our actions” years later?

‘We are still not genuinely independent after 75 years.’

Take a look up. It is past time for India, as well as ourselves, to change. We live in a country where the constitution gives us the “Right to Freedom”, but we don’t want to leverage the freedom because “4 log kya sochenge”

On the first thought, we should be grateful to the Divine for allowing us to live in a country like India, where we have true freedom to say what we want and live our lives as we like, which is not possible in many other nations. The dread of being manipulated by others is the most basic human fear.

Articles 19, 20, 21A and 22 of the Indian Constitution the right to freedom guarantees freedom for citizens to live a life of dignity among other things.

Article 19 guarantees “Right to Freedom” six freedoms but I want to talk about two:

Freedom of speech and expression: The State guarantees freedom of speech and expression to every

person of India. However, many individuals don’t dare to speak what’s there in their heart because “4 log kya sochenge”

 Freedom of profession: All citizens have the right to carry on any trade orprofession/occupation, provided the trade or occupation is not illegal orimmoral. We have the freedom to choose the profession as we want but we can’t “4 logkya sochenge”

Let me just give some real-life examples:

  1. Making a career decision- When a person has a dream of being a cricketer, they tell their parents about it, and their parents usually don’t allow it. Do you why?

Because those “Char log” warned their parents that there is lots of nepotism and they wouldn’t besuccessful

  1. Creating online content- When someone wants to get in front of the camera, they hesitate. Do you know why? Because “4 log kya kahenge”.
  2. Expressing thoughts/beliefs- Do you know why some people find it difficult to express themselves? Because “4 log kya sochenge”.
  3. Live In – Why is it that when a person wants to live with their lover, they are unable to do so?

Even though living in some states is permitted, they do not do so because “4 log kya kahenge.”

  1. Love – Only the kind of love is acceptable if the person is from the same caste and religion!

Is this what we call Independence?

We are still not independent, we are mentally enslaved, calling oneself self-independent is akin to a blind person claiming to have eyes. True freedom would imply when we will stop thinking “4 log kya sochenge”

You lead your entire life wondering “Char Log Kya Kahenge”.

Understanding that “when one can live a life of his own choice” that is the key to true independence.

‘The only way to achieve true independence and freedom is to do what you think is right and what you want to do’

There are numerous issues from which the country must be freed, as well as some issues from which you must be freed and that is “4 log kya sochenge”

We have been given all of our rights and freedoms, but we are not ready to put them into practice.

The Truth

Every human being once delivered to this planet earth does not immediately focus on economic planning and future vision. Their decision relies on your loved ones or the people around you for emotional support.

Which school they need to attend is decided by your parents.

Which career you should choose is decided by Society/Family

Which company you will work for is decided by a piece of paper.

Whom should you marry is decided by Caste?

When is the right time to do baby is decided by society?

Because in India, it’s the “I” that makes the difference.

Both the word ‘Independence’ and ‘India’ begin with the letter ‘I.’ As a result, I have a role to play as an individual and you have a role to play as an Individual. Every one of us is a part of the country. As a result, both the good and the terrible are a result of our actions.

We will undoubtedly become a better nation if we work effectively at our level.

Throughout the day, these ideas eat at us, whispering, “What if everything doesn’t work out the way I want it to?” Controlling our surroundings and ensuring ‘our interests’ is a never-ending pursuit for us. We shall never be able to control the future or others. This reliance on “control” not only produces fear, but also anger, interpersonal issues, disappointment, dejection, and depression. The list is extensive.

Some people work hard and achieve incredible success, while others complain about their situation. There will always be stumbling blocks in your path. Something or someone will always be a source of thecomplaint.

When you let these external influences control your actions and thoughts, you give over control of your life to the government, the corporation, the boss, your heritage, your circumstances, other people’s whims and opinions, and the internal voice that constantly telling you “what you can’t do.”

Accepting and believing that you and only you are accountable for your life is true freedom. This is how you reclaim your power. This is how you realize your ambitions. This is the spirit and foundation upon which our magnificent nation was founded.

This is true self-reliance.

There is a failure, defeat, and a slew of hurdles. Some people have done work harder that’s why they are above all of us.

If the freedom fighters return, they will be happy with development but at the same time they would be disappointed to observe that first India was a slave of the British now every single Individual is the slave of “4 log kya sochenge”

I don’t want to disappoint them anymore one thing I learned from them is:


From Gandhi’s protests against being unjustly disembarked from a train to poetess Sarojini Naidu’s writings on British atrocities against civil rights, to the discriminatory treatment meted out by imperialists that Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose fought against, to the British army’s entirely forced and hostile advances to usurp Rani Laxmi. They never let “4 log kya sochenge” become the hurdle of their fight.

Now, if you’re surprised that I’m bringing this up on Independence Day, I’d want to point out that I feel this is the perfect moment to reflect on our notion of freedom.

It is the moment when we salute our tricolour and bow our heads to honour those who gave their lives to free the country, while we chant our national anthem with pride in our chests and tears in our eyes.

Have you ever considered how the tricolour also signifies ideals that we hold in daily life?

Let me tell you The Indian national flag is a horizontal tricolour with equal proportions of deep saffron (Kesari) at the top, white in the middle, and dark green at the bottom.

Saffron symbolizes bravery and strength when it comes to work, saffron represents the mental fortitude required for success. Saffron also represents courage, which gives one’s life and career meaning. Without bravery and courage, you can’t face “4 log”

White denotes truth and peace in the battle to the top, life and career success aren’t necessarily about defeating the competitors. Finding peace of mind is the key to true achievement.

Green represents fertility and Development without Development life and career are just Dead.

The Chakra is the energetic centre of the body the Dharma Chakra, or ‘wheel of law,’ is a symbol of the need for constant mobility as a need for growth, as well as a warning of the dangers of stagnation.

The essential message of the Dharma Chakra is to never stop moving.

I’m not encouraging you to fly your freak flag, either. Alternatively, you could just let it all hang out. And I’m not encouraging you to be impolite. I despise people that tell you anything awful about themselves in the name of being honest or because that’s how they are. I’m saying to be yourself and not to be concerned with what other people think of your lifestyle or choices.

I’m saying to be self-Independent and not to be concerned with what other people think of your lifestyle or choices. I’m not suggesting you treat them badly. There is a significant difference. I empathize with folks who have overbearing parents or parents who believe they have a right to intervene in their children’s adult lives. I understand why we don’t want to cause a breach with our parents.

Listen to what they have to say and follow any solid advice they give, but don’t feel obligated to do what they want.

Following your path, free of outside influences is the only way to fully feel independent and good about yourself.

You’ll be happy if you’re true to yourself while still respecting others.

Today, I’d like to encourage each of you to consider the word “independence” and then work together to achieve it.

“Freedom to me means the ability to run my life by my terms, be able to express myself the way I think is appropriate, and see that my children too have the ability to do the above without any fears.” – Meena Ganesh, CEO & MD, Portea Medical


Drishti Singh


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