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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication offers a lucrative career

After completion of schooling, students go through a critical phase of choosing which courses they would like to pursue for their graduation. The selection has to be made keeping in view opportunities for further studies, as well as jobs and career growth.

With India going digital, there has been a significant shift witnessed amongst students for applying to the exciting range of courses available. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is one such course which offers an exciting career opportunity as well as lucrative compensation. Students who possess a keen interest in the media industry are actively seeking career opportunities within the said field. The course is supposed to offer some of the best job prospects as well as salaries. Though a decline has been witnessed in print media, new opportunities in film making, public relations, etc. have emerged in the field.

Let’s take a glance at how Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication can lead to an exciting career in a number of fields:

  • Print and Television Journalism: Newspapers have never been timeworn and will never be in the country. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism opens a gateway to the careers like – editor, copywriter, reporter, etc. for which there is an extensive demand in the media industry. The degree also offers excellent prospects for those who possess passion in the areas like anchoring, star reporter, etc. for the television channels.
  • Event Management: Many perceive that to get a job in event management, a degree or Diploma in Event management is a must. However, the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism also provides an opportunity for students to enter this field. There has been a considerable demand for BAJMC students in the top organizations of event management as they are introducing several different profiles which are suitable for the aspirants.
  • Photography: Nowadays, photography is not limited to those done in the events. There has been an introduction of enormous opportunities in the area of Digital photography where a student from B.A Journalism and Mass Communication could pursue their career. Some of the profiles which attract the youth are – News photography, channel photography, photography for advertising agencies, etc.
  • Social Media: With the organizations getting digitalized in their approach, there has been a demand generated by social media experts. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication extensively trains students in social media. Those who love to spend hours on social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., with a degree in BAJMC could make it their career.
  • Technical Writing: There has been an increase in demand for Technical Writers. The profile is concerned with the development of content like software manuals, technical as well as non-technical, financial reports, etc. A degree in B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication can help you become a technical writer.

Apart from the above-described profiles, there are many opportunities in the area of public relations, advertising, radio, etc. which can be taken up after completion of BAJMC course.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication in itself is a foundation of one of the most influential CV. The theory and practical knowledge of the degree embed the below-mentioned skills within a candidate within the duration:

  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • A Flexible yet creative approach towards tasks
  • Strong Networking skills
  • Awareness – Cultural, Economic and Global

With such robust skill set, a candidate is well prepared to enter the job market.

The students have been actively seeking opportunities and shifting their interest towards pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass communication [BAJMC]. The degree is a remarkable foundation for an aspirant with a blend of exposure and skill set. The quality education is being offered with complete practical exposure in the metro cities.

Delhi is one of the best cities for those seeking a career in the area of Journalism and Mass Communication. There are some of the top BAJMC colleges in the city, which provide the best content as well as infrastructure as well as industry exposure. Lingaya’s LLDIMS is one such institute which provides quality education and focuses on its practical approach towards the delivery of course. LLDIMS is a premier IP University College located in South Delhi. The institute offers a BA (JMC) Course in affiliation with the prestigious Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

The Curriculum of the BA (JMC) degree course is very intensive and comprehensive, and ensures that upon completion students are ready to pursue a career in the field of Journalism whether its, Print media, Electronic media, radio media, advertising, television, public relations, media research, television and film production, new and digital media, media marketing, content manager, media sale, etc. It is one of the best BAJMC colleges in Delhi.

A Bachelors of Journalism and mass communication allows students to jumpstart an exciting career in the media sector.

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