Benefits of doing Graduation courses from Delhi

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Top 5 colleges of ip university for bba in Delhi

top 10 ip colleges for bba in delhi

As the last year of schooling begins, most students start thinking of what they will take up in their graduation and post-graduation. With so many colleges and courses to choose from, making the right decision can become very difficult. Another factor which makes it even more bewildering is which city one should study in. In terms of education, Delhi NCR has some of the best colleges in India.

Here are some of the benefits of doing graduation courses from Delhi.

  • Cosmopolitan Crowd: Being an education hub, Delhi attracts students from all over India. Whichever part of the country you are from, you are likely to find at least a few fellow students from the same part of the country. Also, if you have not been outside your city before, this will give you a chance to study and stay with people from other states, and prepare you well for your career where you will meet people from all over the world.
  • Choice of Subjects: Delhi offers a number of courses for students, from commerce, to B.Com, B.ED, Engineering, Arts, Mass communication, and much more. You will be easily able to find the course and subjects that you are looking to do your graduation in. Be it an engineering or medical degree or a BBA, you will find it available in this city. Taking the example of BBA in particular, you will find some of the best BBA colleges in India at Delhi.
  • Variety of Colleges: All of us do not have the same skills and financial capacity. We might have got slightly lesser marks in our 12th exams, or we might have been the school topper. Some of us can afford to spend more money on tuition fees than others. The good thing about Delhi is that it has different types of colleges for each subject, so you can choose the one that fits you best. For example, if you have good marks and are looking for the best BBA in Delhi, you can apply to Lingaya’s LLDIMS. It has some of the best courses, faculty, and infrastructure in Delhi.
  • Good Faculty: Delhi attracts the best teaching staff from all over the world. A well-known university would be of no use to you if the course you have enrolled for doesn’t have qualified teachers/professors. Because Delhi has such a large number of good colleges and universities, therefore you find the best faculty teaching in Delhi. Lingaya’s LLDIMS employs only the best teaching staff with highly qualified candidates coming from across India to teach different course. Students at Lingaya’s LLDIMS get the best education and guidance from skilled teachers and Ph.D. scholars, which makes them prepared for further education as well as career.
  • Good Connectivity: Delhi is well-connected by road, train and air to all parts of the country. So students from other cities can easily commute to Delhi. There are a number of travel options available to a student which allows them to easily visit their hometown and get back to their college/university before classes begin again.
  • Opportunity for Internship: Whatever be the course of study you are pursuing, it is always recommended that you do an internship with any company in an actual business environment during the course of your studies. Delhi has several companies of every kind of industry. In fact many companies are headquartered at Delhi. So you will not have any problem at locating companies and approaching them to get a chance for internship.
  • Better Placements: The purpose of any educational course is to get into a job that can provide a great career. Delhi is a city that has a variety of employment opportunities for students in every subject of study. Whether studying engineering or management, hospitality or nursing, all students will find some company or the other in Delhi who needs people in their area of expertise. If you are a student of one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi, you won’t even have to go to each company, because your college or university itself will organize campus placement programmes and invite all interested companies.
  • Great Lifestyle: When you are studying in a college or university, you need to focus on your studies first. But once in a while it is important to take a break to recharge your tired mind. Delhi is a hub of students from all over the country, and even outside. So you will never run out of like-minded company when you want to have a refreshing chat in the city.

As you can see, the decision of what course to pursue and which institution to pursue it from also includes another choice – which city to study in. Once you have selected Delhi as the city where you want to study in, and BBA is the course that you wish to do, then there are several good institutions like Lingaya’s LLDIMS where you can apply and enroll. You can then have a great start to your higher education, and then go on to have a glittering career.


top 10 ip colleges for bba in delhi



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