Can You Start a Business with a BBA Degree?

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The market is flooded with news of how MBA holders have managed to reach the top positions in major business firms. A few pieces also state that a master’s degree really makes you ready to launch your own business. And then there are some successful entrepreneurs who claim that you do not need a higher degree to make your brand thrive as everything ultimately comes down to your commitment and hard work. The reality, however, does not deny any of these sides. While there is no substitute for a good education, the other reasoning also holds that you really do not have to wait that long to establish your own brand. Yes, an MBA might help, but a BBA can also serve the purpose very well.

How a BBA is enough?

The acronym BBA translates into Bachelor of Business Administration. That literally means that during your degree, you learn how to administer or manage a business, be it yours or anyone else’s. Plus, the best BBA colleges in Delhi follow a modern curriculum where the lessons always include an entrepreneurial angle where you learn about startup ecosystems and the included nuances. A master’s degree will further your skills but the bachelor’s degree creates the required base. And you can definitely build anything with the right base as this foundation will help to propel your ambitions.

For further convincing, consider a few subjects that you study in a typical BBA degree. The lessons start with basic core disciplines like Financial Accounting and Business Economics that makes way for Quantitative Techniques and Business Communication. Business Law comes next along with Financial Management, Business Policy and Strategy, Marketing Management, and more. You also have skill enhancement programs like summer training, IT and Management Labs, and an end-of-the-degree project that seeks to give you real-world exposure to the business ambiance. You need to acquire knowledge precisely in such domains for running your own business. Modern BBA colleges teach you in a case study-based curriculum where your skills become more application-oriented than remaining theoretical.

A business takes time to build

The BBA is a 3-year course. An MBA will take 2 years more. Although the extra years will never go to waste, a higher degree will mean that you will have to shelve your business idea for a couple of years more. And the way the market is moving in the 21st-century, you may very well lose your business opportunity in those 2 years as the consumer market will surely modify itself and adapt to something new. The best colleges for BBA prepare you right. They make you business-ready. You can gather all the knowledge you will ever need from your BBA degree only and step into the arena when the market is still ripe. The experience in the actual world will then help your learning curve. With the foundation from BBA, you will rarely falter.

Your BBA course will have entrepreneurial exposures

The best BBA colleges in India give their students more exposure than standard colleges. Events and workshops with guest lectures from industry leaders are a common happening in such institutions. Here lies your opportunity to learn more about the entrepreneurial world from real leaders. You can test your ideas in these workshops, gather data, seek mentorship and form networks. A major chunk of good BBA lessons is also about entrepreneurship. And the right colleges connect you with the right opportunities and learning experiences. Your college will inform you which trade fares to visit. The institution’s professors will guide you and connect you with valuable networks. In short, whatever you read about the country’s B-schools and how they prepare their students, the best BBA colleges do them as well.

However, as evident, you will need to study in the best BBA college and Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university can be your top choice. The BBA course in LLDIMS is specifically designed to accommodate all ambitions. And the subjects are included to hand over working entrepreneurial skills to you.You can test your business idea through the activities of LLDIMS and use the in-depth lessons to solidify your brand ambition. So, you can peacefully break out of the myth that the higher degree is equal to a better entrepreneur. You can do it with BBA as well. As expert founders say, it is your innovation backed by basic lessons that help you to sustain your business and take to the heights you want it to reach.




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