How to choose the best institution to achieve your goal?

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Education is very important in today’s competitive world. It signifies a long journey which takes us nearer to success. With the world evolving so fast, even after the completion of our formal education and joining a workforce, we need to continue educating ourselves and learning new things to keep ourselves relevant.

But since the path of education we choose will determine our future for many years to come, it is this initial choice of where to get educated which is of prime is very important. But with so many colleges and courses available, it often becomes very difficult to make the right decision. For example, if one wants to study in Delhi, and complete a bachelors’ program in business administration there, then one would encounter a long list of colleges, each claiming to be the best BBA College in NCR. So, how does one wade through the plethora of choices and make the correct decision? There are a few points that can help you determine the best college/university.

Choice of city: One needs to shortlist a good city to complete one’s education from. This is because the city should have a good academic atmosphere, easy accessibility from other cities, great placement opportunities, etc. Some cities have a higher cost of living than others, so one should also choose the city based on one’s financial constraints.

Choice of Subject: This would be one of the most important factors and one that needs the most time to decide. Your whole career could depend on the choice of subjects you take up in your college/university. It is important to talk to others who have taken up similar subjects for their career. You can get the right perspective by getting a view of about the level of difficulty of study, work conditions after getting a job, growth prospects, etc. which could help you in choosing the right course.

Choice of University/College: Once the city and course have been decided, then the next step would be to select the right college. If you are looking to pursue a course in BBA, it is important to shortlist the top BBA colleges. There are a plethora of colleges available which offer different courses, and it is important that you select the college which has an excellent infrastructure, faculty and management. Keeping these points in mind could help you in deciding the best institute for your studies.

Course Material and Syllabi: Many colleges spend their time and attention to several things but do not focus on updating and modernizing their syllabus. In today’s world, where rapid changes are taking place almost on a daily basis in every sphere of work, it is important for colleges to come out of their old course material and use updated syllabus only. Among the top 20 BBA colleges in Delhi, the Lingaya’s LLDIMS courses stand out because of their modern outlook and their alignment with the latest thinking in management studies.

Focus on Academics: The college you select should have a great environment for academics and research. Many colleges do not have any professor who regularly publishes research papers. But that is very important for a student as because that would tell him that the professors are aware of newer developments in the field of study.

Placements: This is one of the most important factors. A student comes to an institution with the aim of starting off his career post the completion of the course, and the first step towards that would be the first job that the student gets after graduating from the college. Every college’s website usually contains details of campus placements done in the previous year. A student could also speak to alumni of the college to understand how well the recruitment process is run. If someone has studied BBA at Indraprastha University, then the top colleges of IP University for BBA would all have their placement details on the website.

Cost: Although we are talking about this factor towards the end, it is the most crucial for someone thinking about how to choose the best institution to achieve their goal. Not only the tuition fees need to be taken into account, but also the cost of living in hostels or rented accommodation. Many institutes offer student aid through scholarships and fellowships or even offer paid assistantship work, where the students can help in academics and research and get paid for it.

There is no doubt that there is a large choice today when it comes to pursuing an education. A thorough study of all the choices available is needed, in the context of one’s career goals. If the initial choice of institution is made correctly, then it ensures a great start to one’s career. Not only during the time spent at the college but even later, the network of alumni of a good college can help students in both professional and personal issues. By keeping these points in mind, you would be able to select the best institution that would help him achieve his goals.



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