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Traditionally, engineering and medicine have been the most popular undergraduate courses for study in India. But over the last few years, a postgraduate degree or diploma in management studies has also caught the imagination of students who want to have a glittering career. Not only the attractive pay packages but also the opportunity to work in a real white-collar job and be able to shape the destiny of a company makes a management degree very enticing for students. Before doing an MBA, students can opt to do a BBA, which is an undergraduate course in management.

BBA is a comprehensive three-year graduation course for students looking to make a career in management. It is a foundation course which gives students a comprehensive learning about management principles. The course is spread over 6 semesters and covers a wide array of subjects like finance, accounting, human resource, international business, operation management, marketing, among others.

Why is a BBA so attractive to students? There are several reasons, some of which are listed here:

  • The Right Preparation For MBA – Instead of graduating in Science or Arts or Commerce, a BBA student gets a strong foundation on the principals of management, which will make things easier for students who want to pursue an MBA later.
  • Chances For Work Experience – There are many institutes where you can enrol for MBA only after you have some work experience. Doing a BBA can get you several opportunities for getting a job at an entry level position in a corporate and after gaining a few years of work experience; you can apply to the MBA institute of your choice.
  • Correct Alignment of Subjects – BBA offers the opportunity to learn subjects like accounting, economics, finance, etc. which can become a strong foundation for an MBA.
  • Better Performance in MBA – A BBA student who goes on to do an MBA has a head start over other students from other backgrounds because he would have an understanding of many of the concepts already, and therefore would be able to perform better in his MBA course.

That’s why it is no wonder that students are making a beeline to study BBA and gain a quick and respectable entry into a managerial position in a corporate entity. There are a number of colleges offering BBA courses in India, however, is important to select the best institute for BBA which is renowned for its curriculum.

If you are an aspirant for BBA, these are some of the things you should consider while selecting the best institute for BBA:

University Affiliation

Every college is affiliated with a particular university in India, and it is that university that grants the degree for which the student has enrolled. If you are looking for the best BBA colleges in Delhi, then first find out about the universities in Delhi and how they are performing, and then shortlist your college from among the good universities there. Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institution is affiliated to IP University and is one of the most reputed colleges in Delhi. It is known for its excellent curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and management, which ensures a holistic learning experience as well as the all-round development of students.

Course Content and Internships

There is a vast gap between the curricula followed by different colleges that award BBA degree. You must remember that the world of business is changing rapidly, and students who are about to enter the corporate world must be well versed with the most recent management principles instead of studying about concepts which became outdated years ago. So a thorough study of the course content is very necessary before you take the plunge. You will find that the top BBA colleges also place a great deal of emphasis on industry-academia interaction, which could be in the form of internships, guest lectures, industry visits, workshops etc. Lingaya’s LDIMS at Delhi is one such option, and you can look it up at The institute has made a niche for itself by ensuring overall development of its students and provides them with the best opportunities to learn from its excellent faculty, as well as via guest lectures and interaction with industry leaders.


Of course, this is a very important factor, and it is easy to compare because almost every college has a website where course fee structures are provided in detail. You should also find out which colleges offer scholarships or fee waivers on the basis of marks obtained. Being a graduate in business management, you should look at this in terms of a cost-benefit analysis, based on the kind of jobs a BBA there could provide you after 3 years.

Job Placement

Finally, the most important factor, because getting a job is the primary purpose for you to enrol in that course. The college website usually contains details of placements in the previous year; including names of companies, number of students placed in that company, and average salary. Alumni and present students are an even better source of information. So when you are trying to find out which college is best for BBA in Delhi, speak to students in colleges in Delhi, and find out.



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