Choosing the Right College for B. Ed – 5 Things you must Evaluate

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Getting your degree from the right college can increase your value as a candidate at so many levels. The recruiters not only check your marks and tests your knowledge but also look into the college name that you come from. Only the top B. Ed colleges in Delhi can give you the necessary subject and pedagogy skills to become the best teacher and serve both the students and the institute you represent up to your full potential. Hence, it is essential that you select the right college for your course, that will help your cause and keep you ahead of all the market competition.

In the flurry of choices that exist today, filtering the best college is about weighing a few parameters and taking a call based on those. Almost all institutes will teach you the same B. Ed subjects but what matters is the way you are taught, stress on important skills and the performance of the college that you are enrolling into. Here is a list of 5 things that you must check before settling your mind on a college so that your education over the two-year course is nothing but the very best.

  1. Faculty profile and strength at the college

It is the faculty strength that builds up the educational quality of a college and you must look into the teachers you are going to learn from. While separating one college from another based-on faculty strength and profile, look into the teaching experiences of the teachers, their subject expertise and the degrees they hold. The top B. Ed colleges will have the best faculty team for every subject who can lay out the necessary facts for you and teach you the topics to its depth. Only when you are taught by good teachers can you become an even better teacher. So, check the faculty of the college of your selection.

  1. The facilities available at the college

Teaching is not the only job that you can land after your B. Ed. You can choose to become a counsellor, subject content writer, syllabus designer, librarian, instructor or education researcher. The number of options that you will have after passing out will depend on the facilities the college is providing and your selected institute must have all. To be a counsellor, you must have the necessary exposure to child psychology. To let you become a librarian, the college itself must maintain a rich library. Weigh your options before enrolling and select the one with maximum facilities.

  1. The variety of recruiting institutes after graduation

Look into the variety of brands the alumni of your selected college are working to understand the diversity of education that you will be receiving and the options that you will have after passing out. Apart from schools, you can also land a job in educational consultancies, coaching centers, publishing houses, research and development agencies and so on. If the past pass-outs are working in more than one sectors, this is a good signal for the college. You can be sure that your education will cover all.

  1. List of core and additional subjects

Many colleges do not provide all the subjects mentioned under the B. Ed curriculum and you do not want to find out that your preferred subject is missing after enrolment. Hence, it is vital that you look into the subject list of both the major and additional subjects that the college has provision for and make your selection accordingly. Often, there will be a conflict between your preferred subject and the college but the best B. Ed colleges in Delhi NCR includes all and your selection becomes easier. You can have both and no sacrifice is necessary.

  1. Events conducted and resources available

Learning at the graduation level cannot be restricted to textbooks and lectures. Especially for B. Ed where teaching each grade requires a different level of expertise, your coursework must include events, seminars and project-based learning. Top institutes like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP university and based in South Delhi, combines every form of education available and teaching happens from a variety of resources. You will be exposed to visiting experts, case studies and worldwide materials to diversify your knowledge and build your expertise. The best college covers all and that is where you will want to be.

So, do your research and then fill out your counselling form. If teaching and education are your passions, you will want to learn the trade from the very best. Placement numbers and salary figures are often misleading statistics but the above parameters that are based on educational experience will never misdirect you into the wrong college. Focus on building your knowledge, gain the right expertise and let the best college out there help you to become a top teacher.



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