Committee/Board of Directors



Name of CommitteesMembersPeriodicity of Meetings Duties and Responsibilities of the institute
Central Coordination
Academic Committee
Dr. K. K. Garg
Dr. Pranav Mishra
Dr. Mala Dixit
QuarterlyAcademic matters
Report to Director
Time Table
Lesson Plans
Course Files
Student files
Discipline CommitteeDr. Pranav Mishra (Coordinator)
Mr. Barun Kumar
Mr. Vijaypal Singh
Mr. Masroor Hasan
WeeklyReport to Director
Students Discipline
Staff Discipline
Harmonial atmosphere of the Institute
Library CommitteeDr. Mala Dixit (Coordinator)
Mr. Khurshid Anwar
Dr. Manju Sharma
Dr. Shikha Gupta
Dr.Ashish Dubey
Quarterly/ As per requirementReport to Director
List of Books Library Maintenance
Journals, Newspaper, Magazine
Cultural Affairs CommitteeDr. Shweta Gaur (Coordinator)
Ms. Priyanka Tyagi
MonthlyReport to Director
Participating in music/Dance
Sports Committee

Mr. Masroor Hasan (Coordinator)
Mr. Vijaypal Singh Gusain


One Student from each Deptt. to be
nominated by the  Coordinator

MonthlyReport to Director
Canteen CommitteeDr. Mala Dixit (Coordinator)
Dr. Manju Sharma
Dr. Shweta Gaur
One Student from each Deptt.
to be nominated by   Coordinator
MonthlyReport to Director
Housekeeping & Infrastructure
Maintenance Committee
Mr. Vijaypal Singh Gusain (Coordinator)
Mr. Manish
MonthlyReport to HoD
Admin maintenance
Transportation CommitteeMr. Vijaypal Singh Gusain (Head Coordinator)
Dr. Shweta Gaur
Ms. Priyanka Tyagi
One student from each Route to be nominated by the Coordinator
Website & IT CommitteeMs. Priyanka Tyagi  (Coordinator)
Mr. Sourabh Jha
Mr. Roop Narayan
Monthly Report to HoD
Social network
Examination CommitteeMr. Barun Kumar (Coordinator)
Dr. Gaurav Yadav
MonthlyReport to Director
Conduct Examination
Conduct Practical
Submission of sessional
Training, Placement & PDPMs. Nishant Jaiswal (Coordinator)
Dr. Shikha Gupta
Dr. Ashish Dubey
MonthlyReport to Secretary
Campus placement
PDP Programme, Guest lecture
Training in companies
Revenue/Grants    Ms. Rohini JainMonthlyProject workshop
Report To Director
Research Activities & Inspection AuditMr. Barun Ku. Jha (Coordinator)
Dr. Ashish Dubey
Dr. Shikha Gupta
Report To Director
Women Community Extension ActivitiesDr. Manju Sharma (Coordinator)
Ms. Rupal
MonthlyReport To Director
IQAC CellDirector
All Administrators
MonthlyReport to Director
Eco CellMs. Rohini Jain(Coordinator)
Dr. Gaurav Yadav
Ms. Rupal
QuarterlyReport to HoD Education
Alumni CommitteeDr. Shikha Gupta
Dr. Manju Sharma
MonthlyReport to HoD
Entrepreneurship CellDr. Shikha Gupta (Coordinator)MonthlyReport to HoD
Sexual Harassment Prevention CommitteeDr. K. K. Garg (Coordinator)
Dr. Pranav Mishra
Dr. Mala Dixit
Dr. Manju Sharma
MonthlyReport to Director
Finance Officer
Accounts Officer
Dr. Pranav Mishra (Coordinator)
Mr. Satya Narain Sharma
Mr. B. K. Bhuyan
MonthlyReport to Secretary
Account reconciliation
Fees collection
Media & PRBA(JMC) DepttMonthlyReport to Director
News LetterBA(JMC) DepttMonthlyHoD BJMC
HR/AcademicMr. Avinash Sinha (HR)
Mr. Manish
Weekly/As per requirementMaintenance of Attendance
Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
Admin. Deptt.            (Head)Mr. Vijaypal Singh GusainWeekly/As per requirementReport to Director
Stores Purchase
Maintenance, Discriming.
Canteen, Security, Infrastructure