How to create a high impact resume

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A resume is not merely a document which lists your education qualification and achievements; rather it plays a vital role in creating a positive first impression on the recruiter during the hiring process.

Writing a remarkable resume is a task in itself. In order to acquire a dream job, a student has to rely on the skills and experiences he possesses, but, before presenting them to the recruiters, it is important to get an interview call, which is entirely dependent on your resume. It is the key to land your dream job. To secure a position, it is crucial to ensure that your resume is updated with zero errors. It needs to be extremely impactful and attractive that the hiring professional is impressed and finds you suitable for the job profile. Here are few tips for building an impactful resume:

  1. Designing your Resume: It is significant to ensure that the template of a resume is eye-catching. Do not overburden your resume with bold and italics which in turn, will make it look heavy in the eyes of the recruiter. A resume should look good both on screen and on paper. The key suggested font style for writing a resume is Times New Roman which keeps it professional and pleasant.
  2. Focus on Skills: It is the most vital section of your resume on which your chances of selection is based on. A recent survey conducted by TimesJobs revealed that 45.5% of recruiters examine the skills first and then move forward to analyse other aspects like – experience, qualifications, rewards, personal details, and achievements. Make sure to add skills with relevant proof to catch the eye of the recruiter.
  3. Relevant Accomplishments: Recruiters receive a number of resumes as a part of job applications from different aspirants. Over burdening the resume with accomplishments won’t work, instead, it is ideal to have a precise resume. Adding relevant accomplishments directly relating to the job will increase your selection chances and enhance your resume. Having a precise, relevant content makes a difference.
  4. Selective Content: Often, students use heavy jargon and words while making a resume, in order to get the recruiters’ attention. However, a precise resume with selective content is appreciated more by hiring professionals. Instead of adding every single detail about experiences attained till date, add those which are relevant with a limited description in your CV. Recruiters receive a number of applications and CV’s for a single job profile, and it is ideal to have a single page CV that highlights relevant key achievements. Thus, make sure about the content which you wish to share with your audience.
  5. Focus on Keywords: Every job description comes along with a set of keywords. Large organisations do not have time to go through each and every application, thus, to save their time; they scrutinize the resumes on the basis of the keywords used in the content. Without the presence of keywords in the document, a number of resumes get eliminated right before going through the screening. Approx. 75% of candidates are eliminated just because of the missing keywords in their resumes. Hence, make sure to build your resume according to the technological trends with the relevant keywords.  

The tips mentioned above will prove to be extremely helpful in landing a dream job for a candidate. Here are certain recommendations that are a must for every CV:

  1. Use Bullet points to ensure on-point description
  2. Show accomplishments with statistical proofs
  3. Check your resume before hitting the submit button
  4. Keep the summary precise
  5. Check thoroughly to eliminate grammatical errors

A good resume is key towards getting into your desired career. Organisations with management profiles are extensively focusing on the skills and content presented in the resume. Thus, an impactful resume is a must to land your dream job.

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Building a resume is a lengthy task, but, if completed sincerely, it can be the first step towards your dream job!



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