How Should your CV as a BBA Graduate Look Like?

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There is never a lack of jobs for the right candidate and building yourself to be the perfect employee is what ultimately matters. The stiff competition in the market has made it imperative to build an impressive CV which will enable you to land interviews with only the top firms. Every graduate dreams of a high pay scale in a respectable company but you need to work on your side skills as well along with obtaining the degree from one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi.

To state simply, the best colleges will bring the top jobs to your doorstep but from there, it is up to you to convert. A complete CV does half the talking for you and you should grab every opportunity during your degree course to build your resume. You must show that you are the manager that the company is looking for and giving you the job will be the best decision the recruiters will ever make.

So, how to build an impressive CV as a BBA graduate? Read on.

  1. Pursue an additional course besides your core subject

If your BBA is in marketing, join a course to gain some basic knowledge in finance. If your core is HR, get a certificate in digital marketing will help. The best colleges for BBA will have such additional subjects included in their curriculum and you need to have another skill that is entirely a different field than your core subject.

This will benefit you in two ways. One, in case you feel the need to shift in a different department of a company, having the knowledge will make the process easier. Second, if a company is looking to expand or cut-down on its employees, you will remain valuable with multiple skills. So, choose the other field wisely and pursue it seriously as your core degree.

  1. Learn a foreign language. If possible, learn two.

You should not look at it as an added pressure to your curriculum. In fact, if you want to be the top managerial candidate for all the companies out there, it is essential that you add one or two foreign languages in your CV apart from English. Hardly any company remains local now and expansion of any firm is imminent. If the brand sets up a branch in China and you happen to know Chinese, your promotion will come first.

Here again, you must be cautious in selecting the language you learn. Avoid picking randomly and only go for the ones where the Indian companies are looking to expand or the foreign countries that want to do business in India. For instance, French or Spanish are good options for Europe or US-based companies along with English and Chinese or Mandarin will give you an upper hand in Asia.

  1. Work in an NGO and build your Volunteering section

With so many BBA candidates aiming for the top posts, your work for the society will be the shining star in your CV. Work experience in an NGO means you already know how the real world looks like and have probably managed and dealt with a lot of people. Plus, it goes on to show that you are more than just work and care for the society as a whole.

On your side, you can build valuable networks and connections while working as a volunteer. Many NGOs are run by already established people who have well-known connections. You can get in touch with such people and rise faster in your career than the rest. Networking in the management world is a prize you must keep.

  1. Take part in college events and opt for managerial roles

You can actually highlight your achievements during college events in your CV. It can be organising a local festival in your college campus or being part of the team that puts up the annual cultural festival, all your work that shows that you have shown leadership and managerial skills no matter to what level will count in the interview room.

The best BBA colleges in India like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP university and based in South Delhi, encourage their students to organise regular events and delegate the entire authority to the BBA graduates. You will get the necessary exposure in such colleges and build skills during the course. You will have to approach companies for advertisements, renowned people to come as guests and supervise a team to ensure a smooth flow – all traits that companies look for in BBA candidates.

And the list is not exhaustive. The more skills you add, the better are your chances. An extra computer language, expertise in MS Excel or a certificate in personality development, everything counts. Make full use of the time you get during your BBA course. Build an impressive CV and always stay ahead of the competition.



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