Do Teachers Still Have a Bright Professional Future?

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Hardly any opinion about the future of teaching jobs end on a bright note. There is always talks about saturation and unattractive packages and unfavourable policies, but no one will show you the true trend that is ongoing in this underrated profession. If you continue to focus on the conventional stories, things will naturally look grim in this evolving world. But if you change your mindset about the jobs that are currently available, look where the previous generation does not see, the future is actually way better than what you perceive. As long as there are students to teach, teachers will always be required, and this system simply cannot go obsolete.

The real story

The profession as a whole is changing. It is not diminishing. Just like any other sector, the demands of the current age have modified according to the pace of the world and the modern socio-economic needs. Students now cannot learn in the same way that was prevalent a decade ago. The skills they will develop in that method will not help them to survive a decade later. The first thing that you will learn in one of the top B. Ed colleges in Delhi is how to be a teacher in the present era, where education has evolved faster than one can fathom.

The best teacher will understand that now handing over information is never enough. That is already available in abundance. Jobs are saturated only for those who cannot make the shift. But if you can help students to identify the right information, connect it with the others available and guide them towards building skills rather than knowledge, you will never have a dearth of teaching jobs. Schools are aware of the modern teaching techniques and they look to hire educators who are privy to those. Hence, you cannot stick to past rules and expect to thrive in the future.

The real story actually lies in adapting, identifying the current needs and becoming a teacher by modern standards. Teachers now not only have to have command over their subjects but also understand child psychology, classroom dynamics, education technologies and much more. The profession has become demanding and those who can keep up will always find light. You must work harder now, really show your passion and teach more than the core subjects.

The future

When you pass out from the best B. Ed colleges in Delhi NCR, your professional destination does not end with teaching at schools only. The sheer number of opportunities that you will be exposed to will never let you doubt your future for a single moment. For instance, without joining any public or private school, you can decide to coach online. More and more education technology firms are hiring teachers to cope up with their expanding reach. Similarly, you can become a part of any coaching institute, be a part-time guide at any consultant or travel abroad to teach English in any foreign land.

All of these opportunities were not available only a few years back. The future of these opportunities is only growing brighter. You will probably hear the names of educational mobile apps more than schools which should tell you that the profession and the industry are far away from dying. You will need to have technical skills, maybe a bit of coding, which when combined with your field and teaching expertise are sure to work wonders for your professional future. Moreover, sticking merely to the school side of things, private players are increasingly investing in education and more schools are coming up now. So, even conventional jobs are receiving a fair boost.

To sum up

The dynamics have changed, the profession remains the same. If you can make the shift, you will have the ocean in front of you. But if you confine yourself to your yard, the small gradually drying pool will always be your limit. Only the top B. Ed colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to the IP University, can make you ready for what is about to come. What the market demands, what recruiters look for. You will have to teach based on skilldevelopment, but your skills will require sharpening as well. Colleges like the LLDIMS can do that for you.

So, stay away from the unnecessary hype of just one side. Learn the art to modify. This is indeed the best time to pursue teaching and thrive in it. The right candidate will always have some doors open for them, no matter what the situation. But you will have to become that candidate, fit in with the market and stay focussed.




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