Do You Really Need an MBA after Your BBA to Succeed?

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Understanding the difference between the two degrees is primary before exploring the need for an MBA after your BBA. The bachelor degree in business administration creates a management knowledge foundation. In the best BBA colleges in Delhi, you will receive precise supervision from your faculty and most of your classes will be theoretical. In masters, however, things become more specific. You learn through events and experiences and teachers are only available for guidance. MBA is a more focused study of management while BBA gives you a broader insight.

So, do you need an MBA after BBA to reach that pinnacle of success? The answer is a clear no. However intriguing the prospects after MBA may seem, in reality, you can get there with a BBA degree as well. There is no denying that an MBA gives your career some amount of boost but BBA can do the job as well. There is no need to get an MBA. It must be a choice.

The consequences of MBA right after BBA

During your masters, you will have to follow a specific management segment. You must major in finance or operations or HR and pursue it throughout your career. The corporate world is entirely different than what you learn in colleges and more often than not, you are never in the right place to decide your field of interest during your degree. You may take up finance because of a subject you liked during a semester which may very easily become stressful later. Going for an MBA right after BBA does not give you the opportunity to judge the job world.

But, if you decide to get employed after your BBA, you can try out different fields and find your passion. If finance does not work, you can easily shift to marketing. MBA will never allow this easy shift as your certificate makes you an expert in finance and you will have to start afresh while going for a change in department. BBA provides you the ground to explore in the real world. You will make better decisions. And that, in turn, will bring you success. You can always get an MBA later after you know where you want to be.

MBA is not synonymous to success

Bill Gates does not have an MBA. Neither does Warren Buffet. Still, they are some of the premier names in the global field and head some giant companies. Management is a skill that you must brush and BBA can very well do the job. If you decide to invest the time you otherwise would have given to MBA in a workplace, you can reach the same level. Being associated with a company, you will have to manage people in real time, take on challenges that come with the market and make decisions on projects that bring in revenue. Every skill you pick up in the corporate sphere is ultimately taught in MBA.

And you must also take into account the cost associated with obtaining a masters in business administration. Although the return on investment is high afterward, you will have to pay the amount upfront. The task may become difficult for some students right after graduation and you may very well find yourself in this group. So, take heart from the fact that the MBA does not transform into success. Your degree from the best colleges for BBA can also take you there.

Salary prospects become similar with time

The primary intrigue of an MBA is generally the pay-scale that comes after. You naturally get jobs at the top posts and draw a massive salary. But the rise to that spot is also possible with BBA. A graduate degree will place you at the lower posts of that same department and you can rise with time. For instance, if you join as a financial analyst in a company right after your BBA, with proper dedication and hard work, you can easily reach the spot of a financial manager that generally hires an MBA. It will take time, but you can get there.

However, to reach that same spot you will need a proper BBA foundation. A knowledge base that only the best BBA colleges in India like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university, can create. Such colleges hand over the right skill-set to enable you to reach the same success level as an MBA graduate. Your salary, profile and responsibilities, everything can be similar if you complete your BBA right. So, make MBA an option. Let go of the compulsory notion. Work with your BBA and make the climb.



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