How Your College Faculty Can Help Start Your Career?

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Students look in all sorts of places to get their career started. And indeed, in the modern world, there is no shortage of spaces. A single click can open up an infinite number of job listings or get you in touch with a company’s CEO which was a distant dream. Yet, the difficulty of the processes cannot be denied and more often than not, students remain stuck in the searching phases that will give them a good start to their career. On the flip side of the story, there is another place where you can request help to kickstart your dream profession and that exists right inside the college your study in.

Your college faculty! Your teachers, your professors, are not only your educators but they can also act as your mentors if you allow them that space. Every faculty in the top B. Com colleges in Delhi generally come with an esteemed background where their connections are truly valuable. One good word against your name or a reference from them in your CV can go a long way to not only start your career but also propel it to newer heights. So, how can your college faculty help in your career? Let’s find out.

Many teachers are ex-professionals

Most professors come into teaching after substantial years of work experience. This fact is an indication that they might still hold a good rapport with some of the executives of their previous company who might know someone in the hierarchy in charge of the hiring processes. Now, if you request your such professors in your college to patch you up with someone in the job world or simply to refer you to their ex-companies, your teachers will be happy to do that for you.

And even if some of your professors have not worked actively in the corporate sector, by virtue of their profession, there is always a possibility of them to have worked as a consultant with some niche company or helped with building or refining a product. Such scenarios make your professors a treasure trove of invaluable connections with the top executives in the best firms. And they can refer you to these people if you find the opportunity to put in a request. The essence here is, you really do not have to go far and wide in search of starting your career. The faculty of the best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR are the places to start.

You can brush up your skills with your professors

There are also situations when students have no dearth of job opportunities right after passing out of college. But converting these opportunities often become a problem due to some loophole that remained unaddressed during the course of the degree. It can either be academic or skill-oriented but whatever the reason is, landing a job becomes difficult and such students are often left wondering as to what exactly went wrong. Here, instead of fighting the battle alone and struggling to find solutions, you can very well take the matter to your professors.

Say you just gave an interview that you felt went alright but the conversion did not happen. Take some time to narrate the incident to your professors and allow them to find out the fallacies. Given their expertise in both the professional and academic field, they will quickly pinpoint the loopholes that you still need to address and help you to work over them. So, you may not be getting direct career contacts from your professors here, but indirectly they are helping you to improve your chances. You are digging into their intelligence to sharpen your skills and enhancing your techniques to convert a job opportunity.

And lastly, they are your much-needed guides

Starting a career always does not mean taking a shot at whatever is available and going for the first opportunity that comes along. It also involves a selection procedure where students need to decide which specific career path to take, which company to go for or what extra skills to acquire along the way to reach their professional goals. All of these can become quite herculean for a fresh college graduate as he/she is yet to form experience in the job world. Here again, the teachers of the top B. Com colleges can help to choose right and decide right.

So, it is imperative that you take your initial career stages to the teachers of your college as the faculty of institutes like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university, are truly treasures of the academic arena. Be it connections or guidelines, they can help you to get the right start and never look back. Let your teachers be your mentors and notice the immediate differences with those who don’t.




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