Life After B.Com: 5 New Career Opportunities that Await You

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Life after Bcom has advanced way beyond chattered accountancy and masters in commerce for quite some time now. New fields are emerging every year and there are fresh demands across all sectors. Commerce graduates have the business knowledge, financial skills and economic sense that enable them to fit perfectly into a lot of profiles and recruiters currently value the package that Bcom candidates come with. Passing out from one of the top Bcom colleges in Delhi opens a lot of doors for you that are outside the traditional job profiles and the prospects remain equally endless throughout your entire career.

Here is a list of 5 new career opportunities that Bcom graduates can now pursue and tap into the potential of rising markets. These avenues have always existed but the current economic development of the country and new governmental policies have given these profiles the necessary boost. A high demand is creating fascinating pay scales and it’s time that you establish your claim along with the right skills for the job.

  1. Tax Manager/Consultant

As businesses grow in value and revenue, their associated taxes become complex and time-consuming to calculate. Big firms have their own team of tax consultants who help the business to pay the right taxes, invest in channels to reduce tax expenditure and take care of the entire process of taxation.

Also, new and ever-changing government policies are making the task even more professional and the demand for tax experts are rising. During and after your Bcom, you can build your knowledge in this field and join a firm as a tax consultant. You may also consider to set up your own firm which gets substantial business from companies looking to outsource the work.

  1. Market Researcher/Analyst

The growth of this profile can be attributed to the stiff competition that every business currently faces in the market. As brands fight to increase sales and revenue, they need to research the market and understand its demands. Product and service design revolves around these requirements and on the inputs of market researchers.

The current demand is forcing business to look beyond marketing graduates. Plus, the internet and data availability has made the research procedure a bit easier. As a graduate from one of the top Bcom colleges, you will have the skills to fit into the profile and work easily as a market researcher.

  1. Investment banker/stockbroker

The scenario of the stock market has changed completely in the past one and a half decade as investing can now happen with a click of a button. There are more mutual funds than ever, more companies are going public and people are more aware of the market. You can have a job with big players like NSE or opt for small firms dealing with minor investments.

The Bcom degree will give you the basic knowledge about the field. After it, you can go for advanced courses offered by many institutions. The profiles of an investment banker or a stockbrokerare different at the surface, but the requirement is similar from within. As a Bcom graduate, you will flourish in such profiles.

  1. Insurance consultant

As people are starting to own more assets and understanding the value of insurance, the demands for insurance professionals are also rising by the day. Anything can be insured now and people are looking for advisors and consultants to help them do it. There are stand-alone firms who deal with both personal and business insurance and this is where you can find a job.

You will need to excel in the subjects of finance, economics and mathematics to become an insurance expert, all of which is taught in the Bcom course. The best colleges in Delhi NCR region like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP University and based in South Delhi, will give you the required subject knowledge to join directly into such profiles.

  1. Event Manager/Travel Agent

Which are naturally a complete shift from your core subject but the versatility of your degree will allow you to venture out into such new areas. Events are rising in number and brands are now employing event managers to get the job done. The case is similar for travel agents as well since a greater number of people are investing in the travel sector now.

The business understanding that you bring along will help firms to excel in their niche. Your market understanding will enable you to frame the perfect itinerary for your customers. All these will help ultimately generate revenue for the brand and hence recruiters in other sectors look for Bcom graduates as well. With the right skills, you can land a job in the tech industry as well.

So, look beyond the traditional jobs of accountancy and join the in-demand sectors. The lack of professionals as compared to the demand is creating intriguing profiles. Select the right institute, get your Bcom degree and start your career on the right note.



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