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New Talent vs Experienced Professionals: Who are Companies Now Recruiting?

Recently, Elon Musk took to Twitter to declare that candidates applying for jobs in Tesla and SpaceX do not need Ivy League degrees or work experiences. Anyone with the right talent is welcome. However, if you take some time to scout around the hiring section of top companies, the demand for new talent will soon become clear. No matter what the modern leaders believe, recruitment still seems to be CV-based where experienced candidates get more preference over raw talent as new alarms of unemployment are being sounded almost daily. Yet, in a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the firm stated that hiring is currently at an all-time high. Businesses are absorbing more executives than they ever did in history. So, if freshers are feeling neglected and companies are increasing their hiring rates, what is going on? Who are businesses actually hiring? Is the focus only on the best bba colleges in India?

This post discusses the modern hiring dilemma. It is also your guide to understanding the present market and judging the future trends fresh out of one of the best bba colleges in India. The job world now is not like what it used to be in the 1970s and it will not remain like this in 2025. What you might think today, is sure to change tomorrow, and your preparations must be in line with the real world, not based on random assumptions.

The thumb rule of hiring candidates

There are a few jobs out there that freshers cannot do. Just like there are a few jobs where experienced candidates are not required. Throughout history, companies have always followed some sort of a thumb rule while designing their job requirement and absorbed candidates based on their current level of expertise.

Typically, enterprises look for experienced professionals when:

  • There is a vacancy at the top management.
  • They need a particular professional with a particular skillset.
  • For critical roles where there is no scope of making casual mistakes.
  • Expansion is on the cards and new departments are being formed.
  • All internal promotion options have been exhausted.

Similarly, those same companies look at freshers from the best bba colleges in India when:

  • The profile requires a starting level of expertise.
  • The budget is limited.
  • A team requires expansion and training facility is present on-site.
  • The position is fairly new and experienced candidates are not available.

Taking an example on managerial grounds, for data collection and analysis, most companies will prefer hiring fresh talents from one of the best bba colleges in India. Then, through proper training and time in the company, the candidate will receive promotions to reach a top managerial spot like CFO or CMO. However, if the post of CMO is currently vacant, a fresh candidate cannot cope with the involved challenges. The firm now has to hire experience that the position demands.

Such differentiations have been here from the times of the industrial revolution and they will continue to stay. It is futile to expect that this particular scenario will ever change any time soon. However, there are other areas where the debate of new talent vs experienced professionals is still raging and that is where our attention must lie.

Experience or freshers – who are companies hiring now?

Author Peter Cappelli noted in his post in the Harvard Business Review that the modern trend is slightly tilted towards hiring experienced candidates. Terming the current approach as “wrong”, Cappelli stated that modern enterprises are more inclined towards quick-fix recruitment, burning a lot of money in the process and hiring wrong in every way. One mindset that most businesses are now following is to hire experience to skip the training. They are looking for ready-made candidates with the specific skills they require and absorbing from the middle of the hierarchy rather than the bottom.

The preference currently is also towards passive candidates who are not looking for jobs. Through outsourcing companies, businesses are reaching out to working executives in the hope that they will switch jobs into their own brand and thereby, bring the talent along. Higher incentives are indeed making it a trend where the modern workforce is constantly switching jobs. The concept of promotion is slowly becoming non-existent as the belief is that the better opportunity lies with the next company.

So, you can conclude right now that companies are looking for experienced candidates to fill up the coveted positions. Brands are even setting up phantom jobs, positions that do not exist, to attract experienced talent from their competitors and offering them exciting packages to make the switch.

Who are hiring freshers then?

Taking the past few years into consideration, freshers are typically finding jobs at places where the package is low. HR outsourcing companies look at job portals like Indeed and Naukri, contact potential candidates based on their searches and cookies, and negotiate job offers and salaries. If they can convince you to accept a lower package, a commission heads to their direction from the recruiting company. Right now, the best bet for freshers may be the best bba colleges in India where campus placement still happens and the hiring process is purely done on the basis of skills.

The lack of intent to promote existing employees is drying up the market for freshers. During the 1945-1970 period, the retention rate of companies was indeed high. If a post in the top management was left vacant, companies then used to look inside their own pool of employees to pinpoint the right talent and promote that candidate to the top post. This created a chain of vacancies in the hierarchy which always ended with hiring a fresher. Now, the vacant post is being filled by a candidate of the same hierarchy from another company. And as a result, freshers are being left with only a few job prospects at hand. Talent is being overlooked in the process and CEOs continue to complain that acquiring the right candidate is still the biggest challenge they face every day – as per LinkedIn.

However, all that will soon change

As a fresher from one of the best bba colleges in India, you can now expect a complete overhaul of the existing hiring process. In a recent report, Deloitte predicted that employee retention is going to be the topmost trend of the next decade. Peter Cappelli also spoke on similar lines stating that a company’s future success will now depend upon their capability to respect their internal employees and make them feel valued. One of the massive drawbacks of targeting passive candidates is their lack of enthusiasm about the work itself and this is gradually leading to the transition of the current recruitment processes to the 1970s era.

The only way to entice passive candidates to leave their current job and join another company is a higher salary. This is not a strong motivator as, along with the talent, the candidate will also bring along monotony. An active candidate, however, experienced or fresher, will search for the job for the job itself and pursue the work with enthusiasm. Companies are already identifying this trend where passive employees are adding no value to their firms. And in a world that is seeing lower productivity as a whole, businesses cannot afford to continue absorbing such candidates. Thus, the search is again shifting to the fresher talent pool of the best bba colleges in India.

Deloitte also predicted the rise in the demand of 21st-century skills. It goes without saying that the fresh batch will possess more modern skills than the experienced group. Nowadays, the best bba colleges in India include training in leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and other such modern skills as part of their curriculum. And the proficiencies help with the freshers’ recruitment drive as almost 80% of employers currently say that they look forward to hiring“21st-century skilled leaders”. The world that is yet to come will present unique challenges to future managers and only with 21st-century skills in their bank can businesses hope to move forward.

Yet another aspect that will surely boost the transition to talent-oriented recruitment from CV-based is the integration of technology. Strictly in the management field, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are already being employed by most firms to facilitate data-driven decisions and increase efficiency. Then there are cloud-based ERP solutions that drive entire organizations along with virtual reality-based marketing techniques, chatbots to interact with customers, and more. If the companies are to continue to follow their present preference of hiring candidates who do not require internal training, they will have to look at fresh talents from the best bba colleges in India. Most experienced candidates will be unwilling to learn a new skill for understandable reasons and enterprises have to recruit freshers to fill the increasing skill gap.

And then there is the diminishing popularity of internal referrals. To date, most companies still depend on their existing employees to refer fresh candidates to them who can bring home the exact skills that they are looking for. This technique helps with their recruitment budget to a massive extent. It reduces hiring expenses. But what is increasingly coming to notice is that, with referrals, the internal departments are getting filled with like-minded employees. Without diversity in mindset, the end result is sub-par. Without constructive conflict, the completed task is mediocre. So, the companies might be saving on recruitment, but they are losing money with the quality of the product, and thus, the fame of referrals is increasingly diminishing. This means that the companies will start recruiting again. And freshers stand to gain in the end.

All these should serve as silver linings to you, a soon-to-be fresher from one of the best bba colleges in India. However, you will be making a grave mistake if you merely assume that the best jobs will simply be waiting for you as soon as you pass out. Convincing the recruiters that you are indeed the right candidate will take some hard work. And in the 21st-century, only having a list of degrees might not be enough.

Beating the experience expectation as a fresher

Nobel laureate economist Daniel Kahneman explained the true value of experience in his bestseller book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’. He explains that with experience, our intuition and thinking becomes refined. Once we learn something by experiencing an instant, we unconsciously store the surrounding parameters in our memory and when that situation repeats itself, we instantly know what we have to do. The more similar situations we face, the more experience we gather, and the better our decisions become due to the constant refinement process.

So, no matter in which direction the pendulum swings next, the experience will hardly lose its corporate prominence. The top posts and the lucrative offers will always find the experienced candidates first if the employees have the skills for them. However, as a fresher from the best bba colleges in India, you cannot just give up hope and sit back till you gather enough experience. You can always do things to compel the recruiters to consider you and overlook the current thin CV.

Here is how you can gather experience even without actually working for any company full-time.

  1. Internships

More and more companies are opening their doors to interns and hiring fresh groups regularly as a cost-cutting technique.You can make use of this opportunity to gather some field experience right alongside your present degree and test your skills directly in the corporate world. During your recruitment drive at the best bba colleges in India, most top enterprises will value your internships similar to full-time job experience. You may choose to intern at your core field, any indirectly related-sector, or even in an NGO with no connection to your stream. Everything counts when it comes to internships and it definitely puts you at a higher level than most freshers out there as you currently have some experience, which is always better than nothing.

  1. Workshops and Events

The best bba colleges in India conduct workshops and seminars which are as enriching as any short internships. You often receive a certification of completion to prove your attendance at such seminars which shows your future recruiting company that you had been busy doing the right things during your time in college. A few workshops and events, especially conducted by industry veterans, help to close a few existing loopholes in your CV and they back your degree by adding more weight. Enroll for as many workshops as you can that are related to your area of expertise. And make sure you have your takeaways ready for the interview hall.

  1. Side courses

The flurry of online courses has definitely been one of the greatest educational gifts of the internet. Today, you do not have to travel frequently or move around your schedule much in order to follow a side course. For instance, as an aspiring BBA student of one of the best bba colleges in India, you can easily brush up your Excel skills with a basic online course or pursue a more technical subject like Blockchain or cryptocurrency. Here again, the certificate and the additional knowledge matter as companies always like candidates whom they do not have to train at all. With courses, you are climbing that hierarchy yourself where the companies are looking for passive candidates. You are showing them that you come with the whole package, despite being an active job seeker and a fresher.

  1. Freelancing

Jobs and internships today are limited not limited to the office spaces only. As another cost-cutting technique, most enterprises are outsourcing their tasks to remote workers and the trend of freelancing is currently at an all-time high. With freelancing as a side gig of your course at one of the best bba colleges in India, you have the option of taking up as much work as you want, whenever you want, and stay with it for as long a time as you want. You are not confined by probationary terms, office hours, meetings or anything. You can pick up freelancing work in any field you want. The online portals are filled with opportunities where you can work for any company in any country from anywhere. Mention these gigs in your CV and you will hardly have to worry about experience at all.

In short, standing in the 21st-century, you can beat the experience expectation and you can do that while pursuing your degrees from the best bba colleges in India. At some point in time in your career, you will naturally be a fresher. But just because companies today are unwilling to look at you does not mean you cannot head to that place where they are really searching. With the above methods, you will gain additional skills apart from the ones your degree is teaching you and you will only present yourself as an asset to a recruiting company.

To summarise

Things basically come done to how you choose to spend your three years in the best bba colleges in India Colleges like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP University, will give you the required exposure, arrange for placement opportunities, teach you along industry lines, and work with you on your skills. Along with these, you will have to add a few extra stars to your CV. Activities that will be your X-factor which will complement the brand name of your college. Then onwards, you will always have a flood of opportunities as the experience bubble is about to burst and companies will soon come looking for talent freshers more than experienced professionals.


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