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Psychometric Tests: What are they and How to Crack them

Gone are the days where recruiters hired graduates merely on the basis of their academic qualifications and a standardized aptitude test. With the number of new fields and opportunities emerging every year, recruiters have changed their methodology to hire deserving candidates. Nowadays recruiters are hiring candidates on the basis of their skill set as well as their ability to adapt to different roles.

One of the important tools that recruiters are using these days are ‘Psychometric Tests’. A number of leading companies across the globe are conducting such tests as a part of their hiring process. But, before we proceed with the essentials of how to crack the test, let us take a look at what exactly is a psychometric test:

What is Psychometric Test?

The psychometric test can be best described as the assessment conducted by the companies to identify the key abilities as well as the personality of an aspirant. The test is one of the screening stages in the placement process. They are objective as well as key indicators of job performance. A psychometric test is held online and is subjected to a time limit.

A psychometric is separated into two key sections – Aptitude and personality. The personality segment analyses behaviour, emotions, and relationships in different situations. On the other hand, the aptitude test identifies the reasoning ability of a candidate including verbal communication, numerical ability, etc.

Reasons for Psychometric Test:

The increased competition within the economy has led the recruiters to become strict with their approach towards hiring the best candidate. Nearly 58 percent of the recruiters encounter false information on the resumes. In terms of making the hiring process transparent as well as judge the ability of the candidate, recruiters are now relying more and more on psychometric tests. Below mentioned are certain factors which have led to the need for psychometric tests:

  • Improved quality of interviews
  • Apt and scanned personality report for better assessment
  • Saving interviewers from making wrong decisions
  • Reduced Biases
  • Faster recruitment process
  • Assess the seriousness and energy level of a candidate

Tips to crack Psychometric Test:

The placement process time is extremely stressful for students and after crossing the initial rounds, students have to undergo a psychometric test. Many times students get nervous about how they will be assessed. Here are some tips that can help you ace your next psychometric test:

  • Time Limit: Be careful of the time limit. Do not waste time on the questions which you don’t know how to solve. It is better to jump to the questions that you know about and make sure you are able to complete them within the time given.
  • Consult: There are a set of instructors present in the lab where the psychometric tests are conducted. If you get stuck with any problems like internet issues, etc. make sure you do not hesitate to consult with instructors. This will save a lot of time and help you complete the test on time.
  • Read Instructions Carefully: It is imperative for a candidate to go through the instructions carefully. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully, like how many sections are to be completed and what time has been allotted to complete them. Also, go through the images and graphs highlighted in the assessment test, and don’t skip over any points.

  • Practice: Right before the final day of the test, make sure that you practise beforehand to avoid any confusions. There are immense sample assessment papers available online to practice for the students.
  • Feedback: Asking for a feedback is a progressive step towards improvement. Irrespective of being selected or not, you should go ahead and ask for feedback from recruiters. This will help you get an in-sight on what you can improve on as well as create a positive impression.

The psychometric test is a transparent technique to assess various aspects of a candidate which even an interviewer may not be able to identify. There has been an increase in the number of multinationals in India, which has created multiple job opportunities for students. Delhi, which has a number of leading colleges, is considered an educational hub in India. Students are actively looking for best colleges for B.Com in Delhi NCR.

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Sciences is one of the best Indraprastha University colleges for in South Delhi. The course in LLDIMS is being driven by expert professionals and includes industry training. The institution hosts top industry recruiters, where students get exceptional placements and attractive packages. Also, the training department of the institute lays an individual focus on every student to make them proficient in different aspects of tests and other screening stages of the recruitment processes. Such methodology has made LLDIMS, the best college for B.Com in Delhi.

Psychometric tests have become an essential part of almost every recruitment process, especially, those conducted by the major brands. So, why wait for the final day to arrive? Start practising now and ace the assessment tests to get into your dream company!


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