Social Media: A gateway to a lucrative career

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Social Media – An addiction which has taken over almost every individual of the country is the face of the economy. Imagine, how would it be like spending the entire day on Facebook and YouTube? Or uploading posts on Instagram? And what if you have to tweet during your working hours? Interesting enough, right? Well, Thanks to our technological era, the use of social media in the workplace has become a necessity. The social media is no longer limited to only tweets and posts. It offers some of the most exceptional career opportunities for students who possess creativity and an interest to keep active on the social media platforms. But before we proceed further with some insights on a career, it is imperative to know, ‘how India is doing on Social Media’.

India on Social Media:

According to the Statista, in the year 2017, YouTube and Facebook remained the top two social media platforms with the highest number of users globally, followed by WhatsApp on the 3rd position. Also, what’s even more exciting to note about our country is its position across the world. India secured the second rank amongst the countries with the most users in 2017, which in turn, accounts for 11 percent of the world’s Facebook users.

India is witnessing a significant upsurge in the number of users on Social Networking sites. By 2022, the number of social network users is expected to reach approx. 370 million.

A Career in Social Media:

Social Media has emerged as a fantastic option for those who love to spend their time on social networking sites. There are several organisations which are actively hiring candidates to assist them throughout in promoting and marketing their products and services over social media platform. Below mentioned are few career options which pay a candidate to increase online presence:

  • Copywriter: One of the most exciting job profiles is of Copywriter. These professionals are responsible to create unique, creative, and original social media posts for organisations to ensure engagement with the audience. The key skills recruiters seek for this profile involves – Creativity, Communication Skills and Marketing.
  • Research Analyst: Organisations, nowadays, have become extremely conscious about the audience and their preferences. They hire market research analyst who works on understanding the current marketing conditions and what exactly is the audience looking towards to. Also, these analysts extract the social media reports of the brand page to identify the traffic on the website and user preferences.
  • Graphic Designers: In terms of entering straight to the heart of a target customer, brands are working on making their brand pages much more interesting. A graphic designer is responsible to create original graphics or GIFs which are designed to increase an interest in the audience.

  • Public relations: Yes – This is a pretty fresh profile in diverse segments of the Indian economy. The public relations experts are responsible to help brands showcase their positive impression to the audience. They actively monitor the social media accounts of a company or a brand and enhance its image by sharing commendable press releases, important news, etc. They even keep an eye on the hits received on the company’s social media or web pages.
  • Social Media Marketing: Irrespective of the traditional marketing techniques, organisations have gone digital to promote their products and services. A social media marketing manager ensures the promotion of products on various social networking sites through the medium of online advertisements, websites ads, etc. Also, they involve the audience in several activities and polls on the brand page to encourage customer engagement.

Social media has become an effective tool for brands to increase awareness about their products and services and increase customer engagement. Gone are the days where the traditional celebrities influenced the audience to buy a product. Nowadays, individual influencers – those with the massive number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. – are influencing the customers to buy products. These influencers are available for direct interaction with the consumers which makes a direct impact on the purchase decision.

Thus, social media has started playing a crucial role in diverse areas. There has been a boom in job opportunities in the media sector, which has led to students actively looking for top BAJMC colleges for pursuing a course. This is the first step to commencing a successful career in the field.

Delhi, the city of technology and digitalisation, is an ultimate choice for the aspirants to pursue their education. With the number of institutions in the city, the students often get baffled with the list of top BAJMC colleges in Delhi to make a choice and get themselves enrolled.

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Sciences (LLDIMS), is a premium Indraprastha University College in South Delhi, which offers a comprehensive BAJMC course. The course is driven by experienced tutors and offers hands-on-training opportunities. With its finest placements records and advanced education methodology, the institute has marked its space in one of the top BAJMC colleges in India.

By pursuing a Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication course from a premier institution, students can get a chance to kick start an exciting and lucrative field of media!



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