When should you take up B. Ed (And Why)?

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The bachelor of education degree is the key to becoming a teacher and have your own classroom to teach in a reputed institute. But the love for the subject is not enough to become a teacher. As instructors, you will hold the responsibility to pass on education to the next generation and ensure that every child in your classroom has your equal attention. The B. Ed gives you the power to shape lives, influence decisions and encourage learning. So, you must give a thought on the matter, consider why do you want to teach and evaluate when should you take up B. Ed. Are you actually ready to be a teacher?

Here’s a peek into the bachelor of education degree, the life you will have after and the prerequisites you must possess to apply for the post. You may draw your motivation to teach from any source, but you must fulfill your ultimate goal of building our future generations. Being a teacher comes with a lot of benefits and you must know which of these can serve as your inspiration. Give this post a read before filling out the form of any of the top B. Ed colleges and start your career on the right note.

Teaching is more about student’s psychology than the subject itself

As teachers, you may have to constantly change and adapt your methods of delivering a subject’s concepts to a group of students. In reality, all the information that the student needs are right there in the textbooks. Your role as a teacher is to ensure that the student is receiving the education that the subject intends to impart. This is where psychology comes in as every student will have a unique approach to consuming knowledge and you must understand and hit the right chord.

There is a reason why we read about world wars till date as a part of the school’s curriculum. As a teacher, you should be able to impart the lesson and make the students aware of all the factors that led to the wars and the consequences that followed. Without guidance, students may decode the information wrong and it will be your responsibility to speak to their psychology and show them the right path. The top colleges in Delhi stress majorly on child psychology in their degree course and you should be prepared to go to the depths of it.

The degree isabout who do you want to teach

You can only excel as a teacher if you are given a room full of the right students. A higher secondary teacher cannot suddenly jump to primary levels, nor can a nursery teacher promote himself/herself to teach college graduates. Before joining a B. Ed degree, you must be sure of who you want to teach. Whether you want to teach the subject in depths or take care of students in their tender years.

As you can expect, your preparation levels as a teacher will also vary accordingly. For higher secondary students, who are very well capable of self-studying and understand the information written in books, you can merely spell out what they already know. Your main task will be to simplify the difficult concepts, teach them interesting tricks and help them to retain easier. This rule reverses as you go down in grades and you will have to help nursery students with every possible word. So, think about the grade you want to teach and develop your expertise accordingly.

Lastly, it also depends on what do you want to teach

Your subject specialisation will matter to such an extent that it can even influence your lifestyle. For instance, say you pick English as your subject. This will open up teaching opportunities in foreign lands as well. There are huge demands for English teachers in countries where it’s not a native language and you can literally relocate without any additional qualification. You will not have this option if your major is history or any other local language.

Similarly, it may also happen that you like a subject but cannot find sync with its core concepts. Your basic understanding must be clear and you should only major in the ones that interest you. You may also opt for a special training right after your B. Ed degree on the subject you want to teach and develop your expertise to the utmost limit. Figure out what you want to teach and enjoy the freedom you get as a teacher to the fullest.

Tick the right boxes

And settle your mind on the B. Ed degree. Passing out from one of the best B. Ed colleges in Delhi NCR like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute for Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP university and based in South Delhi, will open all the possible doors for you. You will learn all the necessities, become the teacher that students will respect and remain involved in the subject you love. Take up B. Ed as a passion and take care of our upcoming generation.



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