The Advancing Industries in India (And How Can You Find a Job There)

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Success is not that far away from home. There was a time in the past when India’s economy was struggling but the dynamics have completely changed in the past few years. Recently, the World Bank termed India as the world’s fastest growing economy and the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. So, if you are fresh out from any of the top B. Com colleges in Delhi, you really do not have to travel abroad to earn a lumpsum amount. The Indian market is ready and you can have the same lifestyle staying in your home.

However, the trick lies in identifying the growing industries and landing a job there. By the time the sectors reach their respective peaks, you will have the necessary experience to lay a substantial claim. Every news channel will provide you clues that prove that the following fields are showing impressive growth rates and you must craft your CV accordingly to fit into their vacant spaces.


From cab services to banking, technology has encroached successfully into every Indian market. And the favourable government policies are also fueling the advance. Smartphone companies are selling more products, every corner is getting internet connectivity. This environment is causing more and more technology companies to open shop and they are your opportunity to join the trade. With a B. Com degree, you can join the industry as a management executive or get into programming with an extra certification. The market is flooded with lucrative job offers. You just have to find yourself a suitable one.


The medicine industry’s growth was imminent owing to the country’s massive population and India’s technological advancement is also helping the cause. The rise is so impressive currently that Indian hospitals are attracting a large number of foreign patients from across the globe. Investments are also flowing and obviously, there is no dearth of talent. Here again, you can become a part of a big hospital’s ground staff or join the executive position of the whole chain. You can also find jobs in the medical tourism sector as new companies are steadily exploring the field.

Digital Media

India is slowly catching up to the West. The entire country is evolving from television and going online and businesses like Netflix and Amazon Prime have already gained solid ground. There are Indian platforms as well with Indian shows and the country is all set to be the next big media production house. Passing out from one of the top B. Com colleges, you can join the media houses as a part of their marketing team. You can also intern in the production line itself and become a part of the crew. And there is always the opportunity to become a writer as you will find anappreciator in the upcoming world.


How many wallets does India have now? You probably cannot even count. Financial technology is on the rise like any other market and the availability of cheap internet is making it easy. Even investing is much easier now as brokers are reaching out to the common public with simpler platforms and the whole financial system of the country is going digital. Become an investment banker or join an insurance firm. Manage money at a fintech company or work as a business consultant. The market will exponentially grow in the next 5 years or so and it will take you along to place you at the peak.


The gradual economic growth has pulled up India’s middle class into better grounds. People are now upgrading their two-wheelers to four and the wide options available with varying price ranges have really boosted the automobile industry. Many of the top brands have already landed in India and more are yet to come with their new products. This means more factories will be set up, more outlets will open and more customer service executives will soon come into demand. You can become an accountant, a supervisor or project leaders for automobile companies and rise up the hierarchy as their sales go up. The opportunities will be endless.

And that is not all

There is travel, hospitality, infrastructure and more. Every field is advancing and the demand for skilled professionals is only growing. The best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP University, will make you fit for all. You will receive the right training to join the growing industry of your choice, work in a profile of your liking and rise to a point that you truly deserve to be in. So, start right, stay in your homeland and help develop India further.





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