Things to avoid in a Job Interview

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When appearing in an interview, it is natural for a student to feel nervous. After crossing the entry-level hurdles, an interview is a final step for a student to get his dream job. A candidate prepares hard to make sure that he aces his final interview, as it is a first step towards the commencement of his/her career. However, there are certain aspects which a student must take care of when appearing in front of the recruiters. Below mentioned is a NOT-TO-DO list for every student to take into consideration while appearing for interviews:

      • Arriving Late: Time Management is one of the crucial skills which recruiters seek in a candidate. Reaching late will signify the lack of punctuality and showcase poor time management skills. Arriving late in an interview tops the list of the worst things to do in an interview, according to recruiters. Make sure that you plan your day in advance and arrive at the venue well in time.


    • Lack of preparation: Students must take care to be prepared with every single detail on the day of their interview. A resume is a necessary aspect of a job process. Sometimes students are not aware or forget about the details they have entered in their CV. This is a big ‘no’, as it emphasizes the non-readiness of a candidate. Students should be well-versed with all the points in their CV to make a positive impression. It will highlight their interest towards the job.  
  • Poor Body Language: Body language is concerned with how one presents themselves in an interview. Students possessing a confident body language deliver a positive impression to the hiring professionals. Body language plays a vital role in acquiring the job. During an interview, a candidate must not clutch their hands as this portrays nervousness. Do not rest on the chair, but lean forward in order to showcase your interest in the conversation.
  • Over-Confidence: Confidence is one of the key qualities that recruiters look for in a candidate. However, it is important for the candidate to appear confident, but not over-confident. From a recruiter’s perspective, an overconfident candidate can be a misfit in an organization. Avoiding inappropriate behaviour can prove to be advantageous in presenting oneself to the recruiters, and enables better projection of information to them.
  • Being Dishonest: For every student, landing a job is extremely important. In order to grab the offer, sometimes students tend to get untruthful to the recruiters, which can land them in trouble. It is always recommended, to be honest with the selection panel. When a student is honest, he does not need to remember anything. If a recruiter catches the candidate for his dishonesty, it could impact adversely on his interview and job prospects.
  • Senseless Conversation: It is important to be precise and to the point in during an interview. It is suggested to avoid pointless questions just to initiate a conversation with the hiring professional. This may increase the chances of losing the offer from your hands. It is ideal to ask questions which are relevant during the interview, rather than engaging in pointless banter.   

During the placement season, acquiring a job in a dream company is every student’s dream. The points mentioned above are incredibly vital for students who wish to grab their desired job offer.  

Placement Drives have become an essential part of all leading institutes in India. A number of students, who wish to pursue a job in management, have started doing a Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] from reputed colleges in order to get their desired job. Students are actively seeking best colleges for BBA in metropolitan cities, as there are immense job opportunities available due to the presence of top multinational companies.

When considering the best BBA colleges in Delhi, Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management Studies [LLDIMS], an Indraprastha University College, is a premium choice for students aspiring to pursue management courses. The premier IP university college is located in South Delhi. It is known for its excellent education as well as extensive focus on preparing students to become job-ready. LLDIMS offers superior training to their students for acing their interviews in the placement season. The institute hosts the top recruiters in the industry and provides students with the best of employment opportunities. Such an approach has made the institute attain a position among the best BBA colleges in India.

Management skills have become an important requirement while securing a job in top organizations in the country. The accomplishment of such skills is driven by the training being delivered by the institute. However, a significant portion of becoming interview-ready is dependent on the ability of the student to readily implement the skills.  

top ip colleges for bba

By keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, students can secure the best offers from the industry and kick-start their career!  




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