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Time Management: The Biggest Success Mantra

Time Management is an art which allows a person to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. It is all about working smart instead of working hard. Time Management is one of the most crucial skills that are needed in a student. It is an essential skill set which is a must for both working professionals as well as students. Students which have a number of varied activities on their plate can benefit immensely by following best time management practices.

Tips for Time Management:

Here are some tips which could lead towards better time management for students:

  • Set a Timetable: For a student, setting up a timetable and adhering to it is considered as a stepping stone towards success. Preparing a timetable will ensure that your time is not wasted. It could be done efficiently by maintaining a to-do list and working accordingly. Write your tasks; divide your time between gadgets, studies, sports, etc. This keeps your mind stress-free and saves a lot of energy.
  • Manage your mobile phone: Nowadays, mobile phones have become a source of distraction. Unless needed on an urgent basis, set a time to use your mobile phone. Reading and responding to the emails could be done at intervals during the entire day. Whereas, ensuring a balanced use of Social Media will save you both time and energy. The overuse of mobile phone lessens creativity, as well as distracts you from your goals.
  • Set a Goal: It is incredibly significant to be clear about your goals. Setting up a goal will ensure that a student doesn’t get distracted. When a target is set, a student will work accordingly to achieve the desired results. Setting a goal is one of the best ways to manage time. A better understanding and clarity of goals lead to planning and initiation of activities required to be carried throughout the day in an efficient manner.
  • Take a Break: Working or Studying for long hours is not something which is even suggested by professionals. Make sure that you take sufficient breaks to ensure increased productivity. More work done with fewer breaks in between can often lead to reduced productivity as well as burn-out.
  • The art of Saying “No”: Often we tend to say yes to everything delegated to us. However, the consequences may impact both your health and creativity. Thus, learn to say ‘No’. Do not make your life complicated by accepting the challenges which you are not sure about. This will save you from wasting time on the task and help you manage your work more efficiently.

Apart from the above-listed techniques, here are some ways which allow you to manage time effectively.

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning. Enjoy the peace and silence around and then start your day with a fresh mind.
  • Read newspaper when travelling to save time.
  • Sleep well to wake up fresh and energised to face a new day.
  • Delegate, there is no harm in assigning tasks to others.
  • Relax, take a break, and make sure to enjoy your weekend with family and friends.

Benefits of Time Management:

Time management has immense benefits attached to it which can help you succeed. These are:

  • Increases productivity level
  • Improves health and concentration level
  • Keeps you focused on the task
  • Reduces stress level
  • Minimises Delay in Tasks

Time management is indeed the need of the hour for students as well as professionals, as they are exposed to tremendous pressures in today’s competitive scenario. It works as an important skill when recruiters are searching for deserving candidates for job profiles which need multi-tasking and as well as strict delivery lines.

Time Management is one of those business skills which every professional should have. Following the current competitive industry scenarios, there is a need for effective time management. The skill is imperative in a management student if they want to succeed in their career.

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Science (LLDIMS) delivers quality education to students and is known for its extensive courses which not only impart the relevant educational skills but also make student job ready, by teaching time management skills. Lingaya’s LLDIMS is a premier Indraprasth University College in South Delhi which offers exclusive placement training and is focussed on complete skills development of their students. LLDIMS is the best college for BBA in Delhi and is known for its excellent education, faculty and infrastructure.

Students looking for the best colleges for BBA in Delhi NCR can consider Lingaya’s LLDIMS in order to attain quality education as well as skills needed to become job ready.

With the immense pressure and competition within diverse sectors, there is a need for time management skills in all students. Good time management skills allow you to accomplish more in a shorter frame of time, leaving you with some free time that can be utilised towards learning new skills. Time management also lowers your stress and helps you focus which can benefit you immensely in your student as well as professional life.

Thus, Time Management is indeed, the Biggest Success Mantra in today’s scenario.      

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