Top 4 Career Options you can Choose Right After Your BBA

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As the economy is developing and new companies are spreading its branches, the demand for managers is at an all-time high. There is no denying that MBA holders do get preference in the current market, but this does not mean that BBA freshers are overlooked at all stages. A certain number of jobs are reserved for the MBAs where the pay is high and responsibilities are more, but there are companies that have profiles well suited for a BBA. And if your degree comes from one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi, landing such a job is no herculean task at all. With the right set of skills, you can have a managerial job without a master degree and grow in the hierarchy as time progresses.

This post lists the top 4 career options that you can choose from right after your BBA degree by skipping the step of procuring masters altogether. Naturally, your package will be lesser in amount than a master’s holder, but your profile can be similar. You will receive the necessary job experience along the way and later apply for higher posts with a decent portfolio. Take time, weigh your options and select the right path.

  1. Basic Administrative and Managerial Roles

You will have such job offers during your campus placements and these are excellent ways to start your career. You can apply your knowledge in the real world and test your skills in an actual job. You will have time to get acquainted with the managerial pressure, learn about handling a team and know about overseeing a business proceeding, all the while getting paid a decent salary. Starting at the most basic level gives you the opportunity to test the waters and help you to realise and acknowledge your future ambitions. If you are in a big firm, you can definitely rise higher with promotions. But if you started out in a small company, you can definitely make an easy shift.

  1. Government jobs at managerial positions

Even though the competition is stiff, you can try to bag a government job right after your BBA degree. Every year, there are job openings with the railways, banks, insurance companies and much more. The recruitment starts with an entrance exam and ends in an interview. A BBA degree from one of the accredited and best BBA colleges in India makes you eligible for the managerial posts as executive officers or assistant managers that come along with a decent pay package. Plus, it is no news that all government jobs come with a host of benefits that no other job can provide. You can prepare for these during your degree and crack the exam right after passing. With the managerial skills you will have, performing in the job won’t be that difficult.

  1. Land a job in a different profile

The current age has opened up new job opportunities where you can join after your BBA graduation. The field of digital marketing requires you to have writing skills along with knowledge of how the social media works. You can also join profiles of travel and tourism or mass communication by building a few extra skills required for the job. Having a BBA degree is always a boon as firms can use your managerial and business skills and they always look for a candidate who can help in multiple domains. You can land a digital marketing job in a top firm with just your BBA degree with the added skill of social media or you can start with a small firm with more responsibilities to handle.

  1. Work as a virtual assistant

This post has come into existence just a few years back and have a gained a substantial amount of popularity. The speed of the internet now allows companies to outsource their work to people online without having to form an in-house team. You can work for multiple firms from any part of the world and take care of their business proceedings. With experience, your portfolio will grow and you can increase your service rates to any levels. You can procure clients on your own or you can team up with a virtual assistant company and work there. You can start this right after passing out and without any prior experience to show.

In reality, it all comes down to the knowledge and skills you gain during your degree. If you pursue your course from one of the best colleges for BBA like Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, landing a job right after without a masters degree is possible. LLDIMS is a top IP university college based in South Delhi. Such institutes will give you the right exposure, build your subject knowledge and equip you with all the skills necessary. The option of getting an MBA is always open, but if you want a job right away, the above options are there for you.



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