Top Trending Skills for recruiters in the year 2018

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In the today’s competitive workplace scenario, a lot has changed in the recruitment’s perspective. The demand for soft skills has increased considerably, according to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, 57 percent of the business leader’s stated soft skills as the most important for aspirants, as compared with hard skills. The four most demanded soft skills, as leadership, communication, collaboration and time management.

The workplace culture is rapidly changing and the demand for skills is also changing every year. Employers are actively seeking the employees that stay updated with the current trends. Below mentioned are the trending skills for the year 2018:

  • Leadership: Leading a team is one of the most significant aspects of an organization. According to the Business Insider, employers will seek candidates who are capable of handling the team and execute strategic decisions for better management of the team. Also, such candidate must possess an art of emotional intelligence, wherein, they would initiate improved relationship management with the members. Practising a strategic leadership approach will result in employee retention.
  • Adaptability: Now, that the workplace has become competitive, the recruiters are seeking candidates who are ready to change. Employees are required to move out of their comfort zone and implement their expertise to showcase their contribution towards the organization. Also, it is imperative for an employee to perceive the challenges and change, as an opportunity for further development.
  • Social Media Literacy: The emergence of social media for businesses has undoubtedly led to a considerable transformation in marketing strategies of the organizations. Social media literacy has become a must for new entrants. They must be smart enough to embrace the presence of the business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Also, such approaches are subjected to success, only if, a candidate knows how to use social media and is proficient in delivering effective campaigns.
  • Data Mining: LinkedIn, in the recent study, has signified Data Mining as one of the most trending hard skills must for the current workplace. The technology has laid a significant impact on operations. Following the trend, organizations have shifted their approach to decision making towards data. Indeed. The decision making is ultimately getting data-driven to ensure the extraction of appropriate records. Such methodology has, in turn, increased the demand for candidates experienced or proficient with data mining.
  • Willingness to Work: A fundamental facet which is not being overlooked by the employers is a willingness to work. Hiring managers are seeking candidates who showcase their enthusiasm towards the job and work on their personal development. On the other hand, apart from working on self-improvement, recruiters are being impressed by the employees who are being active in helping the other employees at the workplace. Irrespective of whichever is the industry, a pro-active candidate is what the organizations are always on the lookout for.

It is essential for a student to keep up to date with the changing trends and what skills are currently in demand. However, apart from the skills mentioned above, strong communication remains a necessity in the industry. Ensuring the embedment of appropriate skills will prove beneficial for the long run and further, lead to a rewarding career growth.

Following the changing scenarios for skills and development, the institutions in the country are laying an extensive focus on making their student’s industry ready. In order to ensure the appropriate embedment of essential skill set, diverse methodologies are being implemented. The aspirants, seeking for top 10 institutions for BBA are evaluating the institutions on the basis of their training and placements records. Also, they are spending an ample time over investigating the faculty, training, and infrastructure available in the colleges.

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Sciences is a leading Indraprastha University college situated in South Delhi which delivers quality education. The training department of the institute focuses on each student and monitors their progress throughout the duration of the course. LLDIMS is among the top IP institute for BBA in Delhi for hosting the industry leaders in their placements drives. The courses in the college are driven by expert faculty and senior industry leaders. Also, the students are extended with the opportunities to take part in seminars and conferences to get a better understanding of the subjects and topics; they are pursuing. Such exceptional education delivery has made LLDIMS, the best BBA institute in Delhi NCR.

There are a number of job opportunities for BBA graduates in India. Organisations are actively hiring fresh talent in exciting payrolls. A BBA course gives students a strong base in finance and business communication, which can open exciting opportunities. You can go for higher studies like an MBA or even start at a managerial profile in any company. A BBA course equips you with important soft skills like leadership, communication, time management and collaboration, which can help you grab the best job offers in the industry, and give you the chance to grow professionally!



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