Variety in Journalism: 5 Upcoming High-Paying Job Profiles

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Both sides of the journalism sector are currently seeing heavy discussions. While one side continues to toll the alarm bells over journalism jobs by keeping their focus on the outdated facts, the other side puts forward more logical insights where the shift in dynamics is taken into consideration. When you talk about high-paying jobs in journalism, the traditional fields of news anchors and newspaper editors will seem to have dried up. That is because TV is making way for OTT platforms and print is gradually going digital. Hence, it is only logical to not hinge your expectations on the conventional but look into the upcoming. The future profiles with the same level of prospects.

This post lies on the brighter side. Here, you will find a list of the top 5 upcoming high-paying job profiles that you can aim for after passing out from one of the best colleges for journalism. At first, these may not seem positions that lie on the lines of your core degree but there lies the beauty of journalism. The skills you pick up give you the luxury of variety and that is what you can put to use.

  1. Public Relations Executive

Modern companies understand the need for building trust with their consumers. And taking care of that will be your fundamental responsibility as a public relations executive. The subjects that you will learn in journalism which are centered around consumer study, mass communications, media, and others help to set the perfect platform for you to pursue PR as a career. The heights that you can reach in this niche is currently unlimited as more and more brands are investing heavily in PR and the job in itself is slowly encompassing marketing as well.

  1. Content Strategist

The void that journalism is facing now is in valuable content creation that people will actually want to read. While writers are aplenty, the right context is still hard to find. That is where a content strategist comes in who collects data from analytics, interacts with the readers, investigates the market and comes up with content ideas that are bound to increase revenue. You can work in print media brands, video production units, digital marketing firms or corporate sectors wishing to create outreach. The pay scale of a skilled content strategist can reach any limit.

  1. Interpreter

In this age, the best IP university colleges for journalism can actually make you fit to become a translator or an interpreter. Again, your communication skills will put to test here and you will have to be fluent in more than one foreign language. Your work will give you diplomatic privileges. Travelling to different countries will come as a package. And as for your salary, as an interpreter, you will be earning the highest among any other profile in this list. The world is continuing to shrink and international leaders are engaging in more dialogues. This job is yet to see its booming phase.

  1. Technical writer

Take your flair for writing and research into the field of technology. As gadgets continue to become complicated, companies need writers to simplify their products for their consumers and create guides that will help them to operate or even buy that product. Technical writers are responsible for creating brochures, how-to guides, FAQs, and much more which are basically a blend of technology and writing. Almost all brands now employ a technical writer. You can either land a job in-house or go for a niche writing firm. Either way, your annual package will be considerably high.

  1. Social Media Manager

If you do not know it already, it is penned down here for you. Social Media Managers have high demands and will continue to have high demands. An entire profile came into existence in a matter of 10 years where you need to create a brand’s outreach over social media, engage the profile’s followers and drive in more traffic with the help of ads and captivating posts. The creativity you sharpen during your journalism course will come in handy and the best university for journalism in Delhi can help you become a perfect fit for this profile. Focus on the technicalities, learn a bit about marketing and reap the benefits of social media.

To reiterate the obvious again, journalism is only going a transformation. New jobs are still mushrooming everywhere where skilled journalists have a good shot and you can earn as much from these as any other traditional posts. Good colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP university and based in South Delhi, have a futuristic curriculum designed for you that help you to prepare right and pick up the right skills. LLDIMS give you the start you need to thrive in journalism. So, make your decision, consider your options, and adapt to the changing times.



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