What are Your Options After Completing B. Com?

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Commerce will always continue. The nature of the jobs will definitely change and maybe the skills necessary to get them, but the job openings cannot dry out as long as people build and sustain businesses and the governments continue to collect taxes. As a commerce graduate from one of the top B. Com colleges in Delhi, you will probably have the widest range of career options than any other out there. Be it in your core niche or somewhere else, you will always find an opportunity awaiting as different sectors thrive and the economy as a whole improves.

So, what are your options right after completing B. Com? What all can you aim at fresh out of college and with zero work experience? Here is a decisive list combining both the traditional and modern job avenues, options that can propel you towards a bright future.

  1. Chartered Accountancy

This path is truly a no-brainer as you will start hearing the chants of becoming a CA as you gradually approach the final year of your graduation. Most commerce students join B. Com in the first place with an ambition to become a chartered accountant and the reasons backing their choice are indeed valid. Even to date, CA professionals are among the highest paid executives in the country and B. Com lays the groundwork to pursue the career. After graduation, you are required to clear 3 exams conducted by ICAI along with 2 years of articleship. Jobs are almost guaranteed right after these stages.

  1. Financial Risk Management

Although FRM is not a new profile, it has somehow started gaining traction over the past decade or so. As a financial risk manager, your job will be to employ the available financial tools to inspect and predict risks to a business on grounds of finance, operations, credits, economy and much more. The top B. Com colleges do hand you the skills to become an FRM and you can get a job in that niche at medium-sized companies, but targeting the top firms will require to complete a higher degree. If becoming an FRM is your aim, you have the option to either start with work directly or invest a few more years into studying.

  1. Banking or Government Sector

Right after B. Com, banking and government sector jobs can really give you provisions for early settlement. In both cases, you will have to sit for competitive exams and then clear an interview process to land a job that offers you both security and a high salary. At the banks, you can either start at the clerical level or chose to become a probationary officer depending on the exam you take. In the government sector, clearing the UPSC exams will enable you to become IPS, IRS, IAS and so on while passing the SSB will help you to find jobs in the income tax department as an ITO, auditors, risk managers and many more.

  1. Business consultancy

With startups mushrooming everywhere and the new trend to focus on your niche, many corporations are now inclined to hire business consultancy firms or executives in that niche to take care of their day-to-day operations. The best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR now includes futuristic courses that enable you to pick up skills in the consultancy arena where you work to become either a market researcher, an operations manager, a financial advisor and so on, either working as part of the company or from a remote-location office. The demand for business consultants is on the rise and is yet to hit its peak.

  1. Digital Marketing and Advertising

The common notion is that this job avenue is not for B. Com students but in reality, the field of digital marketing and advertising are areas, especially for commerce students. The top colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to IP University and based in South Delhi, will teach you marketing as one of the core subjects. You will also learn about business operations and customer sentiment. You can really combine these skills with a bit of mass communication and easily land up in thriving digital marketing companies and pursue a futuristic career. B. Com from such colleges gives you the flexibility, to fit anywhere that your heart is set at.

Take advantage of your expansive degree. Either go for strictly financial jobs or change into the upcoming sectors that are yet to boom. B. Com students really have the versatility and stability on offer that other graduates seldom enjoy. Select the best college and see your career fly.



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