What does it take to Shift from One Industry to Another?

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Just like changing jobs, changing industries is also not uncommon now. Professionals, at times, do decide to start fresh, shift to a thriving sector or follow their passion into another industry that is very different from the one they have been working in to date. Unlike popular opinion, changing industries is not that difficult. If you know the nuances you are to follow, you might have to step down the hierarchy a bit but do not have to start fresh right at the bottom. All your past experiences do count, provided you can show the next recruiter the connection between your past and the future.

So, what all do you actually need to follow or learn in order to shift industries? What do companies expect from candidates who care coming from entirely different backgrounds? Here is your checklist of transition. Tick these boxes and move forward.

  1. Technical knowledge of the new industry

This goes without saying that a new company of a new sector will not accept your application unless you possess the basic knowledge of this new industry. Companies are always willing to train their new entrants but they rarely have the time to build your foundation. Hence, the responsibility of educating yourself lies on you and typically the transition has to start with a degree or certification course.

For instance, the top B. Com colleges in Delhi are the right places to start if you are looking to shift to finances from a science background. Here, you not only learn the required terminologies and topics of finances but also get exposure to the financial world which might be currently alien to you. A degree helps to boost your candidacy. And the best part, you can get the degree at any time of your initial professional life. Technical knowledge will serve as your stepping stone to the change that you are making.

  1. Transferrable skills that you can carry along

A few skills are common to all industries. The analytical and problem-solving skills that you learn with science and technology are necessary for finances and accounting as well where the language and data simply change. During the transfer, the recruiter in the new industry will try to look for the transferrable skills that you possess. Can you fit into the company’s requirement with the basic technical knowledge in your arsenal? Hence, take time to pinpoint your transferrable skills and draw the connection between your present and future industry.

Here again, getting a degree in the new field can be handy. Continuing with the finance example, the best B.Com colleges in Delhi NCR follow a skill-oriented curriculum where the theoretical aspect of commerce is taught with respect to the skill you need to master the stream. Amalgaming the nuances of science into finances will not be overwhelming as you can retain your transferable skills by just changing the subject.

  1. Networks in the new industry

Being a science pass-out of an IT professional, it is obvious that you are surrounded by people who are from the same stream. And you also know that these people have often brought new opportunities for you that helped build your career. Maybe the school teacher found you an internship. Maybe your IT boss referred you to a better job. Networking is vital for growth and you will want to know as many people as possible in the new industry as well.

Fortunately, building networks is simpler in the current age. Social platforms like LinkedIn are great ways to find new people in the new industry. The top B. Com colleges are also a trove of talent where you can connect with peers and keep the contact for future reference. With knowledge and skills settled, your networks will help you to finally step into the new industry. From here on, it is about how you manouevre through your job and find your way to the top.

The Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, affiliated to the IP University and based in South Delhi, is one of the best colleges for those who are seeking to make an industry change. Be it right after school or a couple of years in a job, LLDIMS is the gateway for ambitious candidates who wish to explore a new sector. The curriculum is rooted in practicality. The training is as per the job-standards. Through LLDIMS, you can get the perfect start to a sure shot thriving career. Do not be overwhelmed with the thought of changing industries. If you feel that your time has come to venture out in another domain, take the necessary steps and disrupt your career.



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