Why is the Demand for B. Com Graduates Only Going to Grow?

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As a student of commerce, you must be acquainted with the classical model of supply and demand. And if you apply its principles to the number of skilled B. Com professional available and the flurry of upcoming jobs, you will get your answer as to how the demand for commerce graduates is going to be. Even though opinions may pour in that side the technical fields more, programmers and developers, commerce is an arena that cannot just dry up. No matter how many technological strides we take towards advancement, as long as businesses operate, commerce graduates will always find jobs.

And this is where the top B. Com colleges in Delhi can help you to stand out. A substandard degree will provide you with less than average knowledge and place you in the crowd where you will definitely be lost. But the top college will offer you skill-based education, with which you can venture out to the right areas and place your candidature where the demand is there. At a time when industry veterans are warning the entire job world about automation, your skills will keep you shielded from all of technology’s ill-effect.

So, how can you trust the fact that the demand for B. Com graduates is only going to grow? Why you must keep pursuing your degree and not think about a field change? This post here can help you with all the analyses.

The commerce jobs are far away from being automated

You can really breathe easy and believe that automation is still quite far away from touching all the commerce-related jobs. Take an example, be it auditing or taxation, the amount of manual work that goes into these profiles cannot be easily replicated in a machine. These tasks still require the human mind to analyze and strategize and most companies are yet to install that machinery where all their books are on the computers. Thus, the need for chartered and cost accountants will continue to grow as more businesses open shop and strict laws are framed around record-keeping. All these are happening and your job future is definitely bright.

Every company is a business after all

It is a common norm in every economy to see a rise and fall in particular industries over a period of time. For instance, if today the mobile and telecom sector sees a boost, some other sector like infrastructure may go through a down phase. Such a case will increase the demand for coders and see engineers without jobs. But as a commerce graduate, you will remain to be unaffected by the entire situation. Irrespective of their area of operation, all companies are after all businesses and they will need B. Com graduates to take care of their commercial proceedings. The best B. Com colleges in Delhi NCR prepare you for all niches and you can literally fit into any sector you want.

The startup trend is a massive opportunity

Startups are mushrooming at every lane, at every corner of the country. And these small businesses are exciting opportunities for all commerce graduates. The fever to convert an idea is at its peak now. The government is also favoring the environment. These companies have limited resources and often do not have the capacity to cater to their own business needs. So, they hand that task over to business consultancies who, in turn, hire B. Com professionals to take care of the tasks. Exponential growth in the number of startups only means more work for the business consultancies and which naturally translates into more opportunities for you.

Lastly, the emotional aspect of finance needs a human

Computers can do the arithmetic for you but they cannot predict the sentiment of the market as well as humans. Whether its budgeting or investments, managing costs or expansion plans, companies need a proficient accountant at the end of the end to use his/her analytical skills along with crunching numbers. Machines will still take a long time to reach this level of intelligence and corporations like investment banks and stockbrokers and even traditional firms need the mind of a B. Com graduate. As more and more people become financially aware, the jobs for financial professionals will wait to be found.

Carry on without a shred of doubt

And become a commerce graduate from only the top B. Com colleges like the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, based in South Delhi and affiliated to IP university. In such colleges, the degree creates your knowledge base up to the perfect level and the skills that you develop are unmatched. Only with such a valuable experience can you reap the benefits of the world that is about to come and guarantee yourself a successful career. Pursue commerce, learn well and then see what all awaits you.




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