ZEAL 2018

ZEAL 2018

ZEAL, An Annual Cultural Festival, Is Conducted By LLDIMS College. We At LLDIMS, Realize That Education Does Not Occur Only In The Classrooms, But Goes Beyond. To Facilitate This LLDIMS Conducts An Annual Cultural Carnival ‘ZEAL’ That Strives To Break Every Barrier, Breach Every Limit And Exceed Every Expectation, Year After Year. Each Year Students Take A Breather From The Books And Let Their Hair Down To Celebrate The True Spirit Of College Life. With The Multitude Of Events, Games, And Performances, ZEAL Is A Fest For Two Days Of Fun And Frolic This Year We Are Expecting Graduate Students From All Over The World With Total Footfalls Of Around 3000. The ZEAL 2K 18 is coming on 23rd and 24th February, on the theme “MIJAZ KUDRAT KA….” our main attractions will be #Inauguration #Cultural_events#Star_night and many more things….. come stay tuned for more updates. It’s a pleasure to announce that a decently famous & renowned personality, Mr. Aman Verma, and Punjabi Singers The Landers would be amongst us at the Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences, New Delhi on 23rd and 24th February 2018 on the Annual Cultural Festival i.e ZEAL 2018. Let’s all of us look forward to this wonderful event.


Faculty Coordinator List

S.No Name of the Committee Faculty Coordinator Faculty Members



Controls Committee &

Sponsorship Committee

Dr. Pranav Mishra

Mr. Vijaypal Gusain

2 Cultural Committee Ms. Sheweta Gaur Sharma —–
(a) Dance Committee Ms. Radha Yadav ——-
(b) Music Committee Ms. Priyanka Tyagi ——
(c) Theatre Committee Ms. Neera Pal —-
(d) Fashion Show Committee Ms. Akansha ————
3 Discipline Committee Dr. Dilip Kumar Mr. Masroor Hassan
4 Media Committee-External Media

Dr. Bharat Kumar

Dr. Dilip Kumar

Media Committee-Internal Media Mr. Somnath Patra

Mr. Prabhu Dayal Thapliyal

Mr. Puran Singh Bisht

5 Attendance Committee Dr. Manju Rani Ms. Rupal
6 Finance Committee Dr. Ashish Dubey

Mr. Satya Narayan Sharma


7 Hospitality Committee Ms. Joyti Sherawat Ms. Bhawna Mukaria
8 Informal Committee Dr. Amruta Pada Ms. Rini Negi
9 Literary Committee Dr. Shikha Dr. Arti Bansal
10 Anchoring Committee Ms. Arooshi Thakur ——–
  Stage Committee Ms. Harmeet  Kochhar

Ms. Shashi Prabha

Mr. Saurabh Jha

Mr. Roop Narayan

11 Decoration Committee Mr. Rashid Ahmed Khan

Ms. Pooja Pawar

Ms. Vandana Sharma

12 Judgment & Certification  Committee Mr. Anwar

Ms. Rohini Jain

Mr. Sarthak Gupta

13 Grievance & Feedback Committee Mr. Ramakant Sahoo Ms. Pooja Pawar
14 Invitation & Registration Committee Mr. Barun Jha

Ms. Saloni Saini

Mr. Mayank Dixit

Ms. Vandana Rana

15 Designing & Graphics Committee Mr. Vijaypal Gusain Ms. Sheweta Gaur Sharma
16 Website Ms. Priyanka Tyagi ——-
17 Media Kumbh Committee Mr. Anjani Srivastava ——-
18 Gyanotsava Committee Dr. Mala Dixit ——
19 T3 Mr. Rajeev Gupta ——
21 Transport Committee Mr. Vijaypal Gusain

Ms. Radha Yadav

Mr. Masroor Hassan

22 Logistics Committee Mr. Manish

Mr. Suraj Kumar

Mr. Rahul Kumar Chauhan

(Ms. Sheweta Gaur Sharma)
(Dr. Pranav Mishra) (Mr.Vijapal Gusain)

Coordinator, Cultural Committee                 

Coordinator’s, Controls Committee

Inderpreet Singh – 8587948006
Sonali Sharma – 9717476117