ZEAL 2020

ZEAL 2020

Since its inception in 2005 Zeal has created an opportunity for students to discover their potential outside the classroom.

  • Every year thousands of students from over a hundred colleges participate to showcase their talent along with competitive skills.
  • The idea of Zeal is that students build an exceptional amount of confidence when they are given the opportunity to perform in front of their favorite celebrities along with the right media attention.
  • An annual cultural festival that is specially designed for students from all over the country to explore their creativity and talent beyond their classrooms by participating in a wide verity of exciting competitions.
  • Over 3000 students come forth to either compete or to dance along with our celebrity guests.
  • Zeal is the perfect platform to expand your consumer base by advertising your products and services to the youth
  • The footfall in the 2020 event is sure to increase due to the massive success of Zeal 2019 and our increased outreach on both social media and local press.
  • The fashion show is the highlight of our fest.
  • Students are encouraged to put their wildest ideas to the test On our specially designed ramps.
  • Known personalities from the fashion industry are invited to motivate and asses the participants.


  • Zeal promises maximum attention with help of:
  • Pictures of celebrity guests with Branding.(Some of the celebrity guests who have visited us in the past: Shakti Kapoor, Rahul Roy, Mika Singh, and Smt. Talluri Rameshwari)
  • 20 banners around college, including 2 banners in the auditorium (Capacity 1000+) where the main events take place.
    • Giant banner at the gate.(visible from main road).
    • Partner names are mentioned by the emcee, multiple times.
    • Over 20 standee’s around the college.
    • Pictures of branding in press release.


  • ZEAL 2020 is a two-day event (28th-29th February) during which the college gates open from 9 am-9 pm.
  • The LLDIMS sponsorship committee is open to all suggestions and possible associations that are not just limited to capital or goods. Feel free to write to us to discover what can we achieve together.